Is there any speaking ? I would like to contact , the author of some extremely famous Solarpunk art and commission something on for everyone to use.

Sadly, he / they don't reply to English emails and tweets.

@alxd I wonder if @InvaderXan might be able to help/suggest someone who can help?

@GwenfarsGarden @alxd
Hmmmm... I can try and help with translations and things, but I'm afraid I'm a bit out of practice with my Japanese. I haven't really spoken it properly in a few years, so I'm not really at a conversational level anymore. さ、頑張りましょうね

@InvaderXan @GwenfarsGarden could you try tweeting to Munashichi and asking if they take commission / is willing to re-license one of their art pieces on Creative Commons?

For money of course.

@alxd @GwenfarsGarden
I'll need to figure out how to ask that in Japanese first, but when I do, I can certainly try!

@alxd @GwenfarsGarden

From a blog post linked from their Twitter feed:


(Roughly translated)
"I like to draw landscape/background illustrations. I work on video game/animation background concepts, novel drawing [artwork for books, I think?], card game illustrations, etc. Unauthorised use of images is prohibited. For work enquiries, [e-mail]."

Perhaps writing a short e-mail would be the best option...

@InvaderXan @GwenfarsGarden

Ha, today I got a Twitter answer. "わたしは英語での対応は難しいです。すいません。"

"It's difficult to answer in English, excuse me"

@InvaderXan I google translated the answer asking if Google Translate is okay :P Let's see what happens.

A word of caution, Google Translate with English-Japanese is... not great. It will often turn your messages into mush. Use simple sentences and translate them one at a time for better results.

@InvaderXan ordered a specialist translation from Gengo for a shocking $40. I offered to buy a CC-BY license for one of their existing works. Got a reply:


>ライセンシングに同意して頂けるでしょうか。また作品は一枚おいくらになるでしょうか。 すいませんが、すぐに同意することはできません。 使用されているイラストについての関係者と相談します。 そのうえでalxd様の助けが必要であれば連絡するようにいたします。

@InvaderXan in short, munashichi didn't know they're popular in the English-speaking world and will consult other people they're working with before saying if they can re-license (and for how much).

@alxd Ah! Well that’s potentially good news. Hopefully it’s a nice surprise to know their work is appreciated in places they didn’t realise. Fingers crossed.

And for a professional translation, that price seems fairly typical to me. They need to pay rent too, after all.

@alxd If you do manage to get hold of them, I'd be happy to contribute to a crowdfund for CC-licensed images

@alxd You could ask these people to help you out with communicate with them in Japanese : Email address is there in the end.

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