I just learned that some of my contributions were deleted less than a month after merging, for causing "Issues with line breaks / clutter":

They went through the full review before merging. I was not asked to fix them, test in another browsers afterwards. No one contacted me. Just deleted a feature that I really wanted to see and decided to create for everyone.

That's why people aren't interested in @Gargron

@alxd @Gargron Huh that's weird. How long ago was that? When I submitted PRs, there were code climate tests to ensure everything fit the coding style.

This is actually a good feature, and the way it's displayed in the screenshot makes perfect sense. Maybe it can make it into 2.8?

@alxd I'm sorry you had to deal with this. 😔


@maloki @alxd just had a similar issue trying to contribute to the docs as a first time contributor.

Did a merge request that would’ve added a guide to adding your own icons & custom CSS using the admin UI. A week later there was no response & no feedback, so closed it.

I do technical writing as my day job, so was hoping to use those skills to contribute. 🤷‍♂️

In case anyone else finds the work I did helpful:

@bobstechsite @maloki


I think you might need to wait more than a week to have your contribution reviewed. I waited a few weeks pushing all the channels to get the docs running.

It's also a shame that the most active dev-channel is behind a paywall :/

@alxd @maloki yeah, that’s probably a fair cop. I was expecting a “thanks we’ll look at this” type message, but maybe given workload that was unreasonable 😅

@bobstechsite On the Mastodon project, the average time before getting any feedback by someone in charge is closer to months that weeks I think :/.

@maloki @alxd

@alxd I apologize for the disappointment this has caused. With a due release, there was no time for me to fix it or wait for you to fix it, and it didn't make sense to delay the release just for this feature.

Sometimes PRs that cause unforeseen issues are reverted to ensure a more well-rounded release. The feature was live on for 20 days and as you can imagine I heard feedback about them and observed how they break given certain inputs, data which was not available during review


Thank you for clarifying.

Why not let me know to fix it after the release though? Its been over a month since the revert, I could prepare that for 2.8.

Its enough to tell me what doesnt work.


Any chance for a detailed description what was wrong? I will still gladly fix it, if I only know more than "Issues with line breaks / clutter".

Is there a problem with longer names? Special characters? What was the feedback you received?

@Gargron @alxd oh, this is a shame. i noticed them briefly and wondered where they went, they were nice to have

Friendly suggestion that if you control new features behind an experiments framework then it's possible to disable the feature without deleting the code. Same pattern also lets you test the change on progressively larger sets of users without breaking stuff for everyone

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