I made up my mind: I will no longer attempt to contribute to or promote .

After a few days I cannot get any specific information why one of my features was reverted : github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/

This is the last straw after:
➖ missing dev documentation
➖ paywalled -dev discord channel
➖ unclear requirements
➖ loads of bad communication.

I respect the maintainers for what they have created so far, but I will not waste any more of my time trying to help.


I respect the argument that "any free software project is a toy of its creator". I also understand that this means that is by no means a mature alternative to any social media platform.

If it's to grow, we need a community to get behind it. We need a design team. We need maintainers focused on the code and ones focused on getting new contributors, onboarding them and making sure they stay.

I can gladly pay for that. I don't want to donate to the project in its current state.

@alxd there are communities who fork for similar reasons

@alxd that is kinda exactly the sentiment that started Darcy.is.

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