I've just finished 's and I have to say I don't like it.

The world is absolutely beautiful and I'd love to read more about it, but it's presented in such a bad way. The story is a chore to follow. The real problems of an anarchist society are presented only 90% in. Despite the main character making two very important decisions on the course of a book, it doesn't feel like he had any choice, or there was any real tension. It just kind of happened.

@alxd From my memories it showed the problems right from the start albeit very subtle.

@ckeen the problems were there from the start, but we got nothing but very subtle nudges. Only at around 90-95% we understand what could go wrong to the full extent.

@alxd It has been a good revelation for me, so I paged back and reread earlier chapters.

What I find more strange is the choosen ordering of the fragments. Some of them make no sense to me.

(And yes, I still like the book all in all :)
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