Beyond the question of not destroying Earth, do you think humans will be able to colonise the solar system in flesh?

Do you think we'll be able to make habitats supporting our bodies and adjust travel vessels to our needs?

Or will we need to bio-engineer our bodies or upload minds before we set foot on other planets?


@alxd I think the complexity of maintaining a complete permanent ecosystem with sufficient genetic diversity and resilience is the limiting factor. Good planets are hard to come by.

@alxd my bet is: all drones and robots, very little bioengineering 🤷

I’m quite certain we can, but I think we should change our language and move away from the word “colonise”. It has terrible historical significance and a lot of nasty connotations which humanity should leave behind if we want to go forward.

@InvaderXan @alxd What's a good replacement word for creating an outpost of humanity and civilization on a place where none has yet been?

@ontploffing @alxd
I think you just used one. Outpost works rather well. In Antarctica, we call them stations. I’ve heart the words habitat or habitation used before. And once a habitat is well established, with permanent inhabitants, there’s no reason not to call it a town or a city.

Alternatively, the beauty of writing about things which don’t get exist is that you can also give them names which don’t yet exist. 🙂

@ontploffing @alxd
Wow, so many typos. This is why replying from crowded train carriages is a bad idea!

@alxd Sure, we can colonize in the flesh, though it'll take a lot of time and there'll be some radical cultural adaptations, and in the early stages it'll be very resource-intensive.

There'll be bioengineering, but we already do that to live in cold or hot environments. More of the same, just different ingredients in the vitamin supplements.

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