I'm thinking about starting meetup in Warsaw. Starting with a talk on what is solarpunk both within the ecological and societal dimension.

I think we'd need a logo.

Do you think we should have a Facebook group?

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@alxd No to Fedbook, we really need to stop accepting it as a necessary evil for organizing before it's used against us

As for a logo, have you seen :greensun: ? I made it to be a solarpunk symbol, and it's :cc: so you're free to use and modify it as you please. Larger version and variations here:

@socalledunitedstates @alxd
You could use for posting meetings, etc. I believe it's a federated alternative to Meetup.

@alxd i wouldn’t do anything with Facebook - that way you kinda force people to use the “service” of a very unethical company.

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