Do you know any popculture / fictional stories / comics / graphic novels about and the movement?

With all its problems I think it's one of the most utopian movements out there, giving free knowledge to everyone on the planet. I don't understand why it's so absent in the popular culture.

@alxd Doctorow's _Walkaway_ has a society built around a wiki.

Not wikipedia, that's a pretty global singleton top-down, heavyweight, ossified structure for solarpunk. ;-)

@alxd but the book has a line about "I should revert your reverts" which is as wikipedia as it gets.

@alxd New Model Army by Adam Roberts comes to mind. It involves an army run by wiki, though I don't recall if it specifically references Wikipedia.

It's briefly but strongly mentioned in the (great) Robert Sawyer WWW series - I wish I knew of more. -- The list here (and more in the navbox) might contain more, but I don't think they've been kept updated in many years.

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