My talk "Solarpunk, cyberpunk and popculture: Technological narratives tl;dr" was accepted at the re:publica conference happening this May 6-8 in Berlin!

@alxd This talk sounds awesome! Will it be available online at some point?

@rusty it'll be recorded and I promise NOT to faceplant on the stairs this time ;)

Some of the points I want to make are already available at

Also check out our and tag!

@alxd Congrats! I am looking forward to see it :-)

@alxd Was this talk ever posted anywhere for those of us who couldn't attend?

@snype hey! The talk was cancelled as I needed to get hospitalized two days before the talk. I'm polishing a blogpost featuring everything I wanted to say and it'll be public soon :)

Thanks for the interest!

@snype also feel free to check the last two blogposts from , as they cover some topics I wanted to feature on re:publica.

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