Finally finished the long-overdue

Solarpunk, cyberpunk, popculture: technological narratives tl;dr

@alxd Oof. I think you're onto something here:

"There are some more subtle, less obvious examples as well: we like to see each technology, invention and discovery having a single face. What takes years of research and teams of engineers, scientists, designers - it's done by Steve Jobs, isn't it? He's the visionary! Recently we saw how catastrophic results can this have with the black hole image by the New Horizons Telescope. Despite being clearly described as a team effort, a lot of media outlets decided to pick dr Katie Bauman as a face of the discovery. Her calls to feature the whole team were ignored, and the narrative unraveled into "she's worthy" vs "she's unworthy" to be a face. Because someone needs to be!"

I never really thought about it like that, but that kind of celebration of the individual is damaging to community and co-operation by creating this false concept of the 'individual' success.

@alxd Hmm, that's pretty much what you're saying in the article.

@alxd An excellent article. Thank you for writing and sharing.

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