Hypothesis: corporations & hierarchies aren't more efficient than horizontal, organic forms of organization.

There's just more research into top-down management, which started with applying mathematics to management by the army in the second world war.

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@alxd how to test it, though,

Also, efficient at doing what? I think the current establishment seeks to do the wrong things in the first place.

CO2 per car in the Netherlands is increases because some people switch to SUVs...


The way you posed this has helped me think about some nebulous thoughts I have had.

Your use of organic is interesting, natural systems certainly aren't controlled in the sense that human ones are. However there are different organisms acting at different scales and there are also structures such as food chains with a small number of organisms mitigating and maintaining ecosystems (see wolves and stream systems).


The classic narrative used to justify capitalism as Natural perceives evolution as a constant struggle between individuals. Predator vs prey. Which is of course a terribly simplistic and purposely biased narrative.

I want human systems with less hierarchy, and definitely less top down control but also how do we get that while still having humans acting at different scales creating emergent structures?

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