What's the most you know?

My pick would be Legacy: Life Among The Ruins ( ) - a post-post apocalypse where you rebuild the society, controlling both a single character and their faction. About few years pass between each session and you're encouraged to play generations of characters, seeing as previous choices influenced today.

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@alxd in Italy Dura Lande is an eco/Solarpunk RPG that's getting published soon. Set in the Mediterranean 300 years after the ecological collapse, it talks about how capitalism restructures itself and how other people are trying new ways of living in the new nature after the "poliorcesi":

@RedGlow Thank you for the recommendation! Any word on English edition?

@alxd I don't really know, but just tonight I'll be at a conference where the author of the game is present, I can ask her directly ^_^

@alxd I asked yesterday: she told me they have the intention to run a kickstarter later on for the English version, but it's not something that will happen right now!

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