Since my blog tagline for some time was a "Solarpunk Hacker", I began playing with some solarpunk and hacking symbols to create a logo. An early draft:

I like that it represents both Open Source, a sun, dynamic arrows and a person silhouette in the middle. Lots of symbollism.

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@alxd I love it!

This reminds me how a while back I was looking for a logo to symbolize the entirety of the #FLOSS movement, as I was annoyed that every logo I could find was either heavily Open-Source oriented or heavily Free/Libre Software oriented.

Found one by @doctormo, which I then built upon a bit.

Seems like we have similar ideas. 😉

@alxd suggestion: if you want to represent a person inside, I think it would be good to make it more clear, to me it still looks like a keyhole.

@alxd Looks cool but solarpunk is more copyfarleft or copyfair license than open source.

@squeakypancakes why would that be? I'm one of the people pushing Solarpunk to acknowledge hackers - and to acknowledge that it's not only capitalism that's the problem, but also who's creating the technology.

@alxd Open Source is allows for corporations to get free labor from contributors with no expectation about how the code will be used.
Copyfair and copyfarleft licenses explicitly forbid capitalist organizations and states from using their code to oppress people.

@squeakypancakes yes, but if you say "copyleft" and "copyfarleft" a lot of people don't know there's anything technological around it, it's just some Creative Commons thing. Adding "open source" extends the meaning.

FLOSS communication is a hard thing to do well :S

@alxd My first thought was a keyhole rather than a person's silhouette tbh

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