Does a make for a good story / world?

"The Space is not for us, not for the next 500 years, we must focus on fixing what we have here". A "natural" end of cultural expansionism, a powerful symbol.

Or something way too negative? What's your take?

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@alxd I definitely agree with "powerful symbol". I learned what Kessler syndrome was reading the plot summary of Gravity and the thought that humanity could go from the first ever spaceflight to marooning themselves on Earth through sheer negligence in only half a century messed me up emotionally for days.

@alxd Personally, TBH, I think something that *imposes* an end to the expansionist mindset simply by cutting off the possibility of outward travel that way sort of cheapens it.

Though, I do think you could do a fascinating thing with a post-Kessler world where rather than just ending, the mindset around space travel shifts. People realizing the space around is not just a void, it's a valuable part of our environment that we've been trashing. What does solarpunk LEO look like?

@alxd I imagine something sort of like the anime Planetes, except instead of lowly junk haulers letting capital get on with its business, they're careful stewards working out of one of the few last safe orbits to make the skies peaceful again.

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