A student I'm mentoring really interested in software & hardware hacking just got accepted into two universities in the :

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (Computer Science)

Fontys University of Applied Sciences (Mechatronics)

Do you know anyone studying there / any alumni? Can you recommend any of these universities for someone very project-oriented?

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I am a student at the University of Twente (in NL), but I think the major difference between those 2 is the type of education (university of applied sciences is really a different type of education than a 'regular' university). It might be good to be aware of that difference.


It is as Erik says, entirely different types. If you'd compare same studies then one would be Computer Science vs the other Computer Engineering.

The 'real' university prepares you for the academic world, and applied sciences to work in IT industy.

Might also compare as theoretical vs. practical (applied) oriented.

@humanetech @Erik thanks a lot :)

I'm aware of the basic difference, I just wonder which will allow more practical projects. I've met with tech unis which have very hands-off practical degrees and scientific courses with a lot of opportunities to work on something interesting.

Also, Ive heard good things about the atmosphere at Vrije, do you know anything about how supportive Fontys is towards its students and their initiatives?

@alxd @humanetech

I don't know anyone studying at Fontys so I can't help you there!

@Erik @alxd

Me neither, unfortunately, and also not wrt the Vrije.

@alxd @wim_v12e
any thoughts ? (i assumed from your name you're from the netherlands, please forgive me if I'm wrong)

@Meandres @alxd I'm sorry, I don't know anyone there. I am not from the Netherlands, I'm from Flanders and I've been living in Scotland for 20 years. I am better placed to provide recommendations on UK universities. I have some contacts in the Netherlands, but they are at TU Delft and Radboud Univ. Nijmegen.

@alxd It will depend on your own preference: CS in Amsterdam has very little hardware and is more theoretical while Mechatronics has relatively little CS because it needs curriculum room for HW/Mechanical engineering.

@wouter Thank you! Are you aware which of these has more opportunities to join some real-life projects though? How supportive are they towards their students?

@alxd Sorry, I can't really help you with those questions... Maybe get hold of existing students there?
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