Do you happen to know where I can find the exact Creative Commons license used by the movie? It's not on the webpage, in the credits or the Indiegogo.

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@alxd mmm ... interesting (didn't knew about this film)... I'm not sure but probably under the strictest of the one used by the music titles (to be found) ... ??

but, given the subject, production, participants and "sponsors" (kickass-torrent and piratebay f.ex.) I would say "information wants to be free" ... somehow ;)

(Belgium part is bringing up some good memories, these ppl hanged often at the HSBXL hackerspace - see sticker on laptop - and we had great conversations... ;) )

@alxd If it’s a Creative Commons license it’s available on

@lilletale Thank you, but which one? :D There are multiple CC licenses! CC-BY-SA? NC? ND?

@alxd They should have specified which one 🤔
In addition to the ND/NC/SA variations they also vary from country to country. If this is a Belgian movie the CC license is probably one of those that are tuned to Belgian legislation. Maybe the Belgian CC website is a good place to start digging?

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It doesn't look like CC.
Neither end credits in the movie, nor any obvious location on the web shows any other reference, let alone to CC.

@petros Their crowdfunding does, but contacting the authors right now is a pain :/

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