Thanks to the wonderful @milan and his , our will be streamed live on PeerTube!

Saturday, May the 28th, CEST timezone:

14:00 - Real Solarpunk Technology

15:45 - Empowering Future Communities

17:30 - Is Solarpunk Just Another Style?

19:15 - What's Holding Us Back From A Better Tomorrow?

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@alxd What difference does registering at Eventbrite make? I'd like to join SolariseCon, but I'd register only if you have a benefit from that.

@Anaphory It's only a way for us to send you update emails should the links change, so that you don't have to follow us on socials to know. The easiest GDPR-compatible way I came up with ;)

@alxd @milan I would love to listen but I have a family gathering. Will the recordings stay available afterwards on peertube ?

@3rik @milan they will stay on both PeerTube and YouTube. Youre just missing a chance to ask live questions!

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