With the wrapped, we're taking a moment to rest. In the meantime, I'd like to ask you: what topics would you like to see in the future editions?

I'll start with my own ideas, but please feel free to comment with your own ideas:

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@rysiek you know how to make an inclusive one? Those are just my ideas, you can add yours in other posts ;)

@alxd I mean it in the sense of: why it's radio buttons not check-boxes. Why not a multiple-choice poll. 🙂

@rysiek as I said, didnt saw multiple choice in the interface. If its possible, Ill do better the next time ;) For now, choose your favorite!

@alxd ahhh. sorry!

You just click on the radio boxes when designing a poll, and they switch to checkboxes (and back if you click again).

Not super-intuitive, I give you that.

Already voted of course!

@alxd Not yet decided. Leaning to Global South stories, but such stories tend toward "entrepreneurship porn" (e.g. "social entrepreneurship") If Global South stories in solarpunk can be a counternarrative specifically to the entrepreneurship narrative in that, that would be my vote.

@n8chz you're in for a treat ;) Global South stories are about the e-word only because the West doesnt want to report on anything that is not framed in capitalism. Have you heard about chamas or saccos before?

@alxd Interesting. Can't say I have. I take it this manages to be financial without being entrepreneurial? I wish them well. I can imagine various medias putting the e-porn spin on this, but the fear reacts from incumbent institutions seem promising. Is there a solarpunk narrative to be found here?

@n8chz The counternarrative is what can be created with Solarpunk. Currently if you dont call yourself the e-word, no one will take you seriously - thats why even guys are reported as Socially Conscious Entrepreneurs, not heroes who saved hundreds of thousands ;)

@alxd btw if there are any storytellers who want an idea for a fictional narrative on citizen science I humbly offer #pubwan as a citizen science project concept.

@alxd Also, if anyone would like to tell a story set in a #nonproprietary city (or proto-city), please do. It's offered in a #solarpunk spirit, certainly.


✅ How to identify the subset of #solarpunk that makes any kind of sense in the first place?

@temporal please define making sense ;) Directly implementable? Step by step manual for a better future? Realistic?

@alxd Directly implementable with step-by-step manual would be nice, but I'll settle for ideas that are *possible* (even if unlikely), and if implemented, won't lead to a *worse* future in an easily predictable way.

The kind of #solarpunk I see on Mastodon consists mostly of:

- Bright-colored drawings of urban architecture defined by having *lots* of plants;
- Promoting cultural heritage of Africa;
- Ton of idiotic anticapitalist memes.

I'll keep the first two, but please send back the third.

@alxd No, I haven't.

But I've read them now, and yes - this is the kind of Solarpunk I want to read. I expected to find a few things to criticize in a list this long, but I didn't - it's 22/22 great story ideas.

17, 19 and 20 seem particularly interesting - the premise/wording makes it easy for an author to start with a conclusion taken from a dumb meme and write a story around it, instead of trying to honestly answer the question of the prompt. Could work as a litmus test for authors/genre.

@alxd Further thoughts:

- I've read sci-fi short stories that would fit some of your prompts; they shared the same distinct feel I get from your article - but it was before I've heard of the term "solarpunk".

- Your prompts are all reasonable, in the way the bits of solarpunk I saw here and there were not. The prompts are not presuming that any or all of: science, technology, industry, for-profit business, space travel, governments, the west, are evil and should not be part of a better future.

@alxd Basically, I like my fiction when it's self-consistent, and, if it claims to be a vision of a better future, when it withstands 5 seconds of critical thinking.

I don't care which culture it's promoting (though I like less mainstream ones, because it's more interesting). I don't mind if the aesthetics are weird to me.

I just want the story not to be dumb - including, especially, not to be rehashing dumb memes to score cheap virtue points with more political/activist side of the audience.

@alxd To be slightly more specific, let's take prompt 17 and its central question: "Is moon helium fusion the best way forward?"

Kind of story I'd hate:

"No -- because rockets make greenhouse gases, fusion is nuclear and nuclear is bad, space is elon musk evil billionaire and also NASA white men military industrial complex, who caused all the trouble in the first place".

Kinds of story I'd like:

"Yes, because math checks out"
"No, because math doesn't check out"
(With author doing the math)


Kind of story I'd absolutely love:

"Well... sorta. The math seems to check out to a first approximation, but the second-order effects are worrying. There's an obvious way to make it work, that is also wrong, because the proponents don't understand how the economy works. Taking human nature into account, we advise against pursuing moon helium fusion at this time."

With the author fleshing out the above points.

Add conflict and drama and character development to taste.


Final thoughts:

I also like you having prompts like 2, 6 or 21, which are all about a community of people dealing with their local problems. A story doesn't have to be about global problems to be enlightening and enjoyable - and as far as speculative/science fiction goes, a small-scale story like that is very refreshing to read, compared to typical works in those genres.

But the caveat about it making sense still applies.

@temporal Im glad we share the same perspective - or expectations towards Solarpunk :)

Please feel free to share the writing prompts further, theyre Creative Commons, for people to use.

Knowing that there are people who think the same way, how would you rephrase the talk? Solarpunk: utopia versus eutopia?

Solarpunk: the road or the destination?

Appreciating the moments along the road ahead?

@temporal @alxd I'll take it all. We've had decades of idiotic pro-capitalist memes, some hopeful and flowery anti-capitalist stuff is more than welcome and a long time coming.

@alxd I would love to hear/discuss frameworks of effecting change in society. A catalogue of social tools and issues with the outlook on the solarpunk agenda.

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