A couple of friends have recently started a new channel in English with some climate philosophy and just premiered their first video: Kurzgesagt and the art of greenwashing

· · Web · 2 · 3 · 3 "an alternative viewpoint to Kurzgesagt" with four times the video length? i understand that might just be the length the topic needs, but i'm not sure this will reach people in Kurzgesagt's niche

@michcio well, it's not my video, but I will pass it on ;) I don't know if the authors are aiming for the Kurzgesagt audience, might be just trying ot get a discussion going around it. sure, that might be the case, i'm just worried that a 2 hour video seems like a high barrier to entry for a discussion. you have to either just skim through it (if that's actually good enough then maybe the format is not very efficient) or actually spend 2 hours watching and that's quite a commitment

@alxd am "thumb up, will recommend" here since i don't have an account over there.

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