I finally published the fist short story from my project: "Someone Like You" written in collaboration with the wonderful Ana Sun.

It should help people understand - why do hackers want to modify existing technology? - in a very human way.

Glider Ink is a project aiming to create a new narrative about s and s. Initially aimed to be a graphic novel, now a series of illustrated short stories.

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@alxd I quite like that there are different illustrations of the characters here.. I talked to you briefly about the project at a CCC Fediverse meet-up a few years back and remember you talking about the various tropes and notions illustrators brought to the characters; there being a plurality of imaginative routes to them emphasises Glider as a microcosm. I wonder to what degree the characters will settle, move towards their images when you find a long-term illustrator.

@alxd I'm extremely excited! I have been curious about Glider for a long time (probably since the first time I noticed a reddit post of yours and wondered who you are – it might even have been on the topic of webcomics) and I look very much forward to reading it.

@Anaphory thank you! Please let me know what you think after you read it!

@alxd It's a great characterization! Not just of Suz but also of the messed-up system that Matthias and his group operate in. I hope (but I have my doubts, knowing how academia works elsewhere) this is not how this kind of research works in reality everywhere. I also gave the link to my wife who enjoyed it, as well – and for her it's far more out field compared to her normal media, so that's not a given. (So, who and when is the next one? 🥺)

@Anaphory thank you so much!

The University plot was based on a few real stories I witnessed and interviews with disabled experts. I think we need to talk about disability design wider in our culture to prevent that both in Academia and other places.

I'm glad your wife enjoyed it as well! :D

As for the next story, it should be less than 7 years this time ;) The bulk of the world-building and narrative exploration is done, now just to present real aspects of hacker communities approachably :)

@alxd @rysiek fantastic storytelling… you describe the heart and soul of not only that specific hackerspace you had in mind but how it feel for all community spaces at least I have ever been to.

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