Follow is a really good take on the narratives about our cultures, governance and futures.

"The process of rewriting the story is demanding for all of us. When the cracks appear in a long-held belief, it causes anxiety and pain. As the certain world is replaced by great uncertainty, the risk is that we cling to what we know more than ever. The gravitational pull of the familiar exerts itself, no matter how dysfunctional we know the familiar to be."

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@alxd I'll be checking out the book soon though it's a bummer they don't have a drm free ebook version available. Staying true to the narrative, I have a recourse to it, though one of questionable (at least by some) moral/ethic/legal status, so I'm giving it out via DMs :)

@polezaivsani the upcoming Almanac for the Anthropocene : A Compendium of Solarpunk Futures will be the same, DRM only, might not work on some ereaders. Its sad that the publishing world works this way.

@alxd at least the printed copies are drm free and re even more fun to read when the circumstances allow. Cheers for the tip about the upcoming book!

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