What's the point of this?
Is this going to help you actually build a sustainable city?
It's not even original art.

@Hyolobrika it's not, those are concept arts, helping create a visual language. There's a huge problem with symbols and hieroglyphs in Solarpunk: you cannot use visuals well to convey what you mean when everyone is thinking only about trees on a skyscraper.

So yes, it is going to help actually build a sustainable city, because people will understand what sustainable IS :D

Why do you think an AI can tell you what sustainable is and how can it be told through the medium of images?
What about those images says "sustainable"?
To me, they're just pretty pictures. They say nothing about how the city actually works.

@Hyolobrika you activated my trap card!

Seriously, I've been working on it the past 5+ years.

The AI will not tell you. The AI will average millions of images it saw and gurgle something with matches the tags. I did not just ask for "sustainable". I'm the person working on prototypes of symbols, testing different tags, themes, tropes, moods.

What makes it sustainable? It's not just a greenwashed skyscraper with a tree on top. It's a living city with no cars, public transport, sidewalk, trees.

@Hyolobrika The AI here is just a tool I use to prototype symbols, since I'm no artist, and this requires a master-level skill to conceive and convey, on par with Yumei's work.

Want to know tags here? `urban photography, sustainable european city, colorful market, tram line, bike path, pedestrian alleys, trees, wide angle, epic perspective, by Miyazaki, Nausicaa Ghibli, Breath of the Wild --aspect 3:2`

I don't blindly trust an AI, I ask it to use the brush as I'm looking for better words :)

@Hyolobrika Recently I've been discussing this topic a lot with a friend who's an architect and draws a lot of infrastructure that works. The problem? It doesn't look like anything. It's a train. Or a tram. Or a bike path. There's no poetry, nothing to inspire there, since we don't have symbols for making those inspiring.

We can wait for masterclass artists to create those, or have some engineers and sustainability scientists actually try out a few, see what sticks, what promotes sustainability

@Hyolobrika Since you read all the way here, you can check a conference I organized this year where we discuss those questions with professional artists, narrative experts, writers, filmmakers: alxd.org/solarisecon-2022.html

I don't think you should be asking (only) artists, narrative experts, writers and filmmakers.
You should be asking civil engineers, gardeners, people of all descriptions who will theoretically live in these cities. Practical, as well as arty people.

@Hyolobrika ...haaaaaave you read the conf description? :D The first two panels are technologists, engineers, activists. The latter two are artists.

I don't think 1/4 technology focus is enough for a movement that requires new technology.
Sorry for not reading the description in enough detail. I skimmed it instead.

@Hyolobrika I'd love to hear the criticism after you watch the conf. We're looking for ideas for the next year edition, so we could do something about city infrastructure.

Just bear in mind that we have no budget and no full-time organizer :)

Where's the tram line? Where's the bike path?
The AI seems to not be drawing according to your specifications.

@Hyolobrika Because it's dumber than a bee! It cannot imagine a lot of things that are not popular in the dataset it ate! It's biased and stereotypical as fuck! :D It can barely imagine non-perfect people. "A person" is almost always a woman, "solarpunk" is adding green and violet, drawing a windmill is a chore because it requires straight lines!

Hence, it's a flawed tool, but the best I have for prototyping. It conveys moods, the rest I can tweak :)

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