, :
Sustainable European City, Miyazakified
(with some tramlines sprinkled on top)

CC-BY-NC 4.0

@pfm I have a hard rule against green skyscrapers - they're unsustainable and end up being used by capitalist construction companies as greenwashing :P

I just made an Indonesian version, it's greener:

@derek @pfm this one?

urban photography, sustainable indonesia city, colorful market, pedestrian alleys, trees, wide angle, epic perspective, by Miyazaki, Nausicaa Ghibli, Breath of the Wild

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@alxd Makes a lot of sense, thanks for the explanation!

Side note: traditional Scandinavian sod roofs seem to be very #Solarpunk-ish.

@pfm @alxd oooh it's super interesting that Craion conjures an image of the least sustainable version of "solarpunk" thing when asked for "solarpunk".

@rysiek @alxd It's the "I know this, because Tyler Durden knows this" sort of thing I suppose. AI trained on misunderstood concept can only replicate this misunderstanding, right?

@alxd @pfm That's a core problem of machine learning – its values are based on what's most common in the training set and you can't change them.

@samgai @pfm yeah, but you can dance around some other keywords :) This way I managed to convince Midjourney to create some non-gendered, older and still realistic faces (like in ). For panoramas it will take some more time, but I'll come up with something!

@alxd It's true, decolonialisation has a long journey ahead. For now, neural nets can be used for revealing our deeply ingrained flaws, like an impending tall buildings at the centre of a city. Frankly I liked the pictures Usula K. Le Guine painted in the Always Coming Home more, guess a talented individual or small group has better chances at re-imagining the way things are?

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