My talk "Solarpunk, Cyberpunk, Popculture: technological narratives tl;dr" will premiere on HOPE2020 this Monday 27th of July 15:00 CEST / 11 EST!

What's the most you know?

My pick would be Legacy: Life Among The Ruins ( ) - a post-post apocalypse where you rebuild the society, controlling both a single character and their faction. About few years pass between each session and you're encouraged to play generations of characters, seeing as previous choices influenced today.

I will give my talk "Technological Narratives: Solarpunk, Cyberpunk, Popculture" at this year's ! Day 3 (29.12), 13:30, Art&Play Stage!

Properly researched comparison of a few password managers: 1Password 7, 1Password 4, Dashlane, KeePass, and LastPass.

An awesome panorama by James McKay ( )

It's not Creative Commons, but as he writes:

"You're welcome to use it, but note there are various other people using it as well (and it has also been used for the cover of a book ) - I hope it inspires as many people as possible"

Keep in mind that he organizes a Solarpunk Art competition I mentioned in my previous toot!

Is there any speaking ? I would like to contact , the author of some extremely famous Solarpunk art and commission something on for everyone to use.

Sadly, he / they don't reply to English emails and tweets.

I would like to propose a new topic for : Stop Calling It a Cyberpunk. Anyone from who knows how to push this proposal?

I was looking for and I found this awesome CC-BY-SA-NC piece by David Revoy:

(thanks to <CalimeroTeknik> for showing me that!)

Coming back home from I wanted to introduce an awesome Creative Commons artist to you: Lisa "Mullana" Schmidt to you!

You can read more about her at and . She tweets under .

The picture below is CC-BY-SA-NC 4.0 :)

Just gave a hackers / lightning talk at ! Hopefully some more Congress people will get interested in the genre! :)

Photo by Thomas Olsen

European colonialism left Africa with a lot of standards unadjusted to local needs.

Dress codes of schools all around Sub-Saharan Africa require young girls to have straight hair. The problem is that Africans have naturally curly hair, requiring lengthy and expensive straightening, putting a burden on poor families and enforcing white beauty standards.

Mugethi Gitau gave a great talk about it:

I just found out that most of the youtube radio animation loops I kept seeing in the last months are a work of one brilliant artist: Juan Pablo Machado -

Coincidentally, they would be absolutely perfect for

Added to moodboards.

Image copyright by jpmachado

Another character - :

As probably the most socially experienced member of the 'space she loves communities and working together. Sadly, some of the hackers refuse to respect non-programmers, and she's "only" a competent sound engineer.

Amanda fights for and wants to show people the regenerative anarchism.

She's emotionally mature, sex-positive and open to talk about it. She wants to be a protective "big sis" for Suz and introduce her to adult life.

One of the nicest realistic pieces of inspired by . Officially you're not supposed to take photos, but you can still sketch people :)

While I'd like to limit how much visually dark themes there are, this one is marvellous.

For more, check out the moodboards:

CC-BY-SA Alicja Wilkowska

One of the characters I created for after a lot of interviews is .

She was born without a hand and wants people to perceive her as whole. She doesn't want to wear a useless prosthesis just to fit in! Instead she modifies all the technology around her to be able to use it naturally.

That's a story which shows humanity behind the tech, real needs and struggles. It helps people understand hacker culture much better than a "tech whizz".

art CC-BY-SA Kimiooon

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