@Gynux right now I'm working on a story aimed towards young adults with another artist. If you'd be interested, we could try doing something together, but I don't have any precise ideas at this point - whatever you would feel comfortable with.

“Physical abuse is normally preceded by verbal violence. When the language of the elites violates the limits imposed by decency, it causes more and more physical violence. Unfortunately this is not a theory but the reality, as the growing cases of racially and religiously based violence demonstrate"

Pawel Adamowicz - murdered on stage on Sunday in Gdansk

@Gynux I think even a children-oriented story would go well. When I give guest lectures at school I realize that kids really don't understand that technology is... modifiable. A lot of kids take it as something discovered, not designed.

Maybe a simplified story of Suzanne, a girl born without a hand, who wants to use a camera instead of having a prosthetics could work? This is an example I use when I want to explain why "obvious" design doesn't work for everybody.

@Gynux I love this art! :D

I've been working on a similar project, to tell stories about hackers as they really are, not only as Hollywood portrays them: glider.ink/ . I'm a wannabe writer and I built a world, found ways to explain hacker values to regular people - with some successes.

Maybe you would like to work on something together? :)

*IF* –> “Hero” -

This is a tribute to hackers all around the world, without whom we would all have a microphone plugged in our butts by now...
Of course when you have to mention heroes, you think fire fighters, hospital workers, etc. But hackers are essentials to allow us "mortals" to resist huge corporations and governments alike that all want to spy on us.

#mastoart #art #illustration #IF #hero

@kropot thank you!

I'm doing a series of blogpost followups. The first, on popculture, is here:


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I know great social innovators from Singapore who work hard to keep their society well-informed. The youth with mobile-friendly webpages, and the seniors with flyers.

Sierra Leonean hackers keeping the country's infrastructure running during an epidemic.

Indian educators bringing the Internet to schools on TV EM band.

There's nothing exotic about it, and we'll be able to have a proper conversation only after understanding that.

Swedes! Poles! Germans! Luxembourgers! The world is depending on you to save the internet from the EU! (PLEASE RT!)


#Article13 #Article11 #CopyrightDirective #FixCopyright

I realized that core message of regarding non-western cultures should be to stop treating them as exotic.

We should totally ban the word "exotic" and the mindset of something being appealing only because the culture is different than ours.

Other cultures have their own problems and ways of dealing with them, but we're all people. Let's stop fetishizing this cultural distance, even in aesthetics.

or maybe in general:

Have you heard about Solutions Journalism? Its main idea is to step beyond the regular investigative journalism and show solutions to the problem which worked in other places.

It combats news fatigue and allows people to see that they _can_ do something. It gives hope where regular journalism just exhausts us with a constant stream of bad news.



Adblocking isn't unethical. Covering your website in trackers, spying on users, and compromising their security to make a buck is.

@Herdir this soldering iron looks dangerous.

We should introduce a ban for well-made photos of people posing with soldering irons. It leads to a lot of misunderstandings in the general public.

goodreads.com/book/show/341509? is pretty good, as well

A photographer takes a challenge not to talk to anybody for several weeks and always wearing headphones, only taking photos.

Do you know any well written characters who love and it's important to them? More artists-photographers than reporters.

I'm thinking en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Life_Is_ , what else?

Cyberpunk is a lot like Monopoly in the sense that something created to be a scathing satiee of capitalism was instead taken at face value to mean that capitalisim is cool and good

@orionkidder say hi from me :)

I'm also interested in your opinion on my piece, since I'm looking at the technological side of the problem. The tech-artifacts are especially irritating to me.

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