@zatnosk I have no idea, it's not exactly my kind of aesthetics either ;) It reminds me of youtube.com/watch?v=w_MSFkZHNi

My friends have just launched a game about sustainable technology on Kickstarter - kickstarter.com/projects/radic

Check it out!

Writers, Artists, Musicians of this webbed site, let's collaborate!

Please Boost!

I just remembered Ebocloud, a wonderful book I read a few years ago: a / vision of community-oriented transhumanism, a social network created to give people the sense of belonging and create healthy communities.

I can really recommend it.


Idea: in order to be considered a full-fledged vision of the future needs to encompass several subcultures. It needs to allow for conflicts inside, people with very different visions. How could a Solarpunk look like and how would it work with, how would it clash with local de-growth movements? What about globalisation vs localisation of education? Those things will not vanish overnight.

open protocols and open interfaces are more important than open source

@powersource it's similar, but with much improved, with more examples and more coherent thesis

My talk "Solarpunk, Cyberpunk, Popculture: technological narratives tl;dr" will premiere on HOPE2020 this Monday 27th of July 15:00 CEST / 11 EST!


My talk "Solarpunk, cyberpunk and popculture: Technological narratives tl;dr" got accepted to HOPE2020 ( hope.net )! I'll give it online between July 25 and August 2 this year!

I'm slowly planning to start a blog focusing on . Telling real stories, especially from the Global South in a way, seeing hope and patterns we can learn in the West in them.

I'm thinking going with a stand-alone blog and a medium.com mirror for bigger reach.

Do you have any recommendations, anything I should look into?

CryptPad v3.15.0 has been released and deployed to cryptpad.fr. In addition to improving our server's scalability we've fixed a lot of bugs and added a few cool new features. See the release notes on GitHub:

#privacy #libre

Plot Economics


A very over-intellectualized, but extremely important text on how we're losing plots and during a plague - and how it's a good moment to reinvent them.

Great chance for communities.

A lot of countries are talking about sustainability, sick leave and social infrastructure. We can build on that!

I'm reading articles like medium.com/@joschabach/flatten and I'm thinking: in Europe the virus might be bad, but in the US it may decimate tens of millions of people. Scar the whole society, a few generation, scar the whole culture, induce a societal PTSD.

Am I right to be terrified of that?

What if took all the cliches and creatively remade them?

with farming tools instead of katanas.

rigging a new antenna for their community.

who knows who in the world works on a similar project.

@wolf480pl @saper

Konsultowałem z tłumaczami (stąd Martyna w creditsach), którzy zaopiniowali, że jest to jeden z aktywnych sporów w języku polskim.

Mnie samemu lepiej brzmi -a, więc tak zostawiłem.

Możecie przetłumaczyć któryś z innych Solarpunkowych tekstów i będziemy się prześcigać na ilość źródeł, jak dobrzy wikipedyści :D

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