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@Anaphory thank you so much!

The University plot was based on a few real stories I witnessed and interviews with disabled experts. I think we need to talk about disability design wider in our culture to prevent that both in Academia and other places.

I'm glad your wife enjoyed it as well! :D

As for the next story, it should be less than 7 years this time ;) The bulk of the world-building and narrative exploration is done, now just to present real aspects of hacker communities approachably :)


After abolishing single-use, non-recyclable diapers, social media mommy groups are waging wars over the superiority of traditional washable diapers over single-use compostable ones.

@Anaphory thank you! Please let me know what you think after you read it!

I finally published the fist short story from my project: "Someone Like You" written in collaboration with the wonderful Ana Sun.

It should help people understand - why do hackers want to modify existing technology? - in a very human way.


Glider Ink is a project aiming to create a new narrative about s and s. Initially aimed to be a graphic novel, now a series of illustrated short stories.

@srgray looks like tchncs.de had a cap they were not aware of - we'll need to make a bug report for FramaSoft.

The bandwidth-like issues seem to be literally what they look like: bandwidth problems. I don't know PeerTube's infra well enough to know if we could bypass that - maybe by having some delay with a buffer, streaming to a few servers at once?

Whatever we come up with, we'll share widely, but for now I cannot dedicate too much time to that.

@srgray thank you!

Do you know anybody who successfully streamed a conference (3+ hours) to PeerTube? We debugged our setup with the tchncs.de admin, turned out it was a PeerTube bug which capped our data quota for 5 GB. Little we can do to prepare for that next time, sans have recordings to upload later :S

Finally posted my review of #SolariseCon2022 .

It was a decent opening volley, and I look forward to seeing if there are any ongoing after-effects.

Building on the interest and momentum will be key.

Read my review here: solarpunkcanuck.ca/2022/06/rev

@michcio well, it's not my video, but I will pass it on ;) I don't know if the authors are aiming for the Kurzgesagt audience, might be just trying ot get a discussion going around it.

A couple of friends have recently started a new channel in English with some climate philosophy and just premiered their first video: Kurzgesagt and the art of greenwashing


@temporal Im glad we share the same perspective - or expectations towards Solarpunk :)

Please feel free to share the writing prompts further, theyre Creative Commons, for people to use.

Knowing that there are people who think the same way, how would you rephrase the talk? Solarpunk: utopia versus eutopia?

Solarpunk: the road or the destination?

Appreciating the moments along the road ahead?

@temporal please define making sense ;) Directly implementable? Step by step manual for a better future? Realistic?

@n8chz The counternarrative is what can be created with Solarpunk. Currently if you dont call yourself the e-word, no one will take you seriously - thats why even m.youtube.com/watch?v=JPxCUzGG guys are reported as Socially Conscious Entrepreneurs, not heroes who saved hundreds of thousands ;)

@n8chz you're in for a treat ;) Global South stories are about the e-word only because the West doesnt want to report on anything that is not framed in capitalism. Have you heard about chamas or saccos before?

@rysiek as I said, didnt saw multiple choice in the interface. If its possible, Ill do better the next time ;) For now, choose your favorite!

@rysiek you know how to make an inclusive one? Those are just my ideas, you can add yours in other posts ;)

With the wrapped, we're taking a moment to rest. In the meantime, I'd like to ask you: what topics would you like to see in the future editions?

I'll start with my own ideas, but please feel free to comment with your own ideas:

Thanks to the awesome @milan , all our videos are available at tube.tchncs.de/c/future_fictio (the last one might be still transcoding, give it a few minutes).

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