I got a portrait from one of my mid & high school cybersecurity students from Austria, Larissa Marbler!

If anyone is interesting in my Cybersecurity & Fake News curriculum for high schools, it's at slides.com/pawelngei/cryptopar and slides.com/pawelngei/understan

@sgryphon My favorite, very
, would be Legacy: Life Among The Ruins, where you rebuild a civilization after a collapse, controlling a whole faction, not only a single character :)



Polish Copernicus Science Center started a art contest for Polish and Austrian artists, deadline 01.03.2021

Does a en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kessler_ make for a good story / world?

"The Space is not for us, not for the next 500 years, we must focus on fixing what we have here". A "natural" end of cultural expansionism, a powerful symbol.

Or something way too negative? What's your take?

Do I know any UI / UX designers? I'm looking for a responsive layout for a blog with an animated SVG illustration.

Paid work.

@tynanpants if they want to make them readable in the web interface, yes. If they would be decrypted only on client, it'd be a different story.

@GigaByte4711 Yeah, but Google Password Manager can show you your decrypted passwords online, even if they didn't leak. Google can decrypt them on their own server, that's the problem.

@deshipu store as in Chrome, not on their servers. I haven't used that feature for over 8 years, but I assumed they'll just have an encrypted blob they'll send to my Chrome when they sync.

@deshipu Yes, but Google Password Manager can show you all your remembered passwords in plaintext. Even if Google stores them encrypted at rest, they have ways of decrypting it on their side :/

I don't mean that they don't encrypt the data at rest. I mean that even if they do, they have the access to the key to decrypt it and have access to my plaintext passwords at any point.

I don't like it.

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I just got an email from Google letting me know that some passwords I saved in Chrome were leaked in a third party breach.

Luckily, I had changed the passwords for KeePassXC long ago.

Does it mean that Google keeps my passwords in plaintext though?

Calibre store plugin 

Check out the Calibre store plugin!

Plugin for Calibre 0.8 or later, to use The Anarchist Library as store. With it you can search and download books directly from calibre.

The plugin is written by meskio and maintained by ibu and bodem.


@duco it's what I'm talking about with some Solarpunk people. I think role-playing Solarpunk futures (in much less open format than QAnon) can encourage people to organize much more horizontally and trust each other.

On a separate note, I think a LARP / ARG is a great narrative setting and I'm experimenting with that for Glider. I can see a dual narrative for hackers in their daily life and role-playing themselves in a Solarpunk future.

@aldersprig Thank you :) The story is in Central Europe, so yeah, we can get similar times.

We used to heat the 'Space with servers as well, but what used to happen is someone would often start mining BTC or Ethereum to get warmer. I just wonder if there are other good solutions that can be Solarpunk symbols :)

question: what would be the most Solarpunk / realistic / interesting way to heat a hackerspace in a city in colder climate? Something to make a story interesting & visual?

The usual answer "servers" isn't that eco

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