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I respect the argument that "any free software project is a toy of its creator". I also understand that this means that is by no means a mature alternative to any social media platform.

If it's to grow, we need a community to get behind it. We need a design team. We need maintainers focused on the code and ones focused on getting new contributors, onboarding them and making sure they stay.

I can gladly pay for that. I don't want to donate to the project in its current state.

I made up my mind: I will no longer attempt to contribute to or promote .

After a few days I cannot get any specific information why one of my features was reverted :

This is the last straw after:
➖ missing dev documentation
➖ paywalled -dev discord channel
➖ unclear requirements
➖ loads of bad communication.

I respect the maintainers for what they have created so far, but I will not waste any more of my time trying to help.

"When you make programming skills the core component of any web role then you've made the web into a programmers playground. This is when you start seeing feature factories, whines of "why can't those users upgrade?", and [derision of soft skills like design].

Picking up a tremendous vibe of "well how else are we supposed to build complex apps?" when *no one is talking about this*. The argument is about raising the baseline of making *anything* for the web so high that it excludes people."

@Gargron I created an issue - asking for the details on what caused the clutter in notification dates.

A beautiful thing for all #freelance #web #dev s.

"Client did not pay? Add opacity to the body tag and decrease it every day until their site completely fades away"

An awesome panorama by James McKay ( )

It's not Creative Commons, but as he writes:

"You're welcome to use it, but note there are various other people using it as well (and it has also been used for the cover of a book ) - I hope it inspires as many people as possible"

Keep in mind that he organizes a Solarpunk Art competition I mentioned in my previous toot!


"This competition is about creating art to imagine an optimistic future, where humans are adapting to climate change that is already occurring, and have created a zero carbon society in order to prevent further climate change."

by the University of Leeds and awesome James McKay

I just learned that some of my contributions were deleted less than a month after merging, for causing "Issues with line breaks / clutter":

They went through the full review before merging. I was not asked to fix them, test in another browsers afterwards. No one contacted me. Just deleted a feature that I really wanted to see and decided to create for everyone.

That's why people aren't interested in @Gargron

Is there any speaking ? I would like to contact , the author of some extremely famous Solarpunk art and commission something on for everyone to use.

Sadly, he / they don't reply to English emails and tweets.

I have a domain of, so if you have a good idea what to put there, I'm open.

I don't have enough energy to create anything right now, but I think it could be a really good place to gather links to other resources and a simple summary of what Solarpunk is (since Wikipedia doesn't consider it worthy a page yet).

“In 1973, at the moment that her picture was being brought into the lab, there were hundreds if not thousands of women being pushed out,” said Marie Hicks, a historian of technology and author of Programmed Inequality.

Maybe modt importantly: how should deal with authority and the flow of knowledge?

How will Solarpunks stop anti vaccers without using some kind of violence and forcing them to vaccinate?

I feel that a well written setting could explore these questions really well.

Who of you would be interested in a pen and paper role playing game?

I feel that a lot of Solarpunk enthusiasts dont see a potential for worthwhile conflicts in Solarpunk. Its as if after rebelling against the system and corporation suddenly we enter an utopia-like state and everybody gets along.

Solarpunk has a lot of hard questions to ask. How to govern ourselves without hierarchies? How to be meritocratic without engineer dramas?

From a draft #Hackerspace membership agreement:

"As a member, I agree to admit that there will be times that I am wrong."

Wikipedia and Google delude many into thinking all human knowledge has been made available to our immediate access.
This is a dangerous lie.
Any scholar will tell you of the vast amount of documents and artifacts completely unavailble online, or indeed impossible to easily scan or study online.
And this silent wealth pales before the oral and analog culture which, in a McLuhanian dimension, can not be simply digitized and maintain integrity.

Do you like Role Playing Games? What do you think about Numenera?

I think it can be a good platform to tell stories about what technology is. Set millions of years in the future, after a few great civilizations rose and fell, it shows humanity struggling to distinguish technology from magic.

Maybe such a distance would allow us to see more, to ask better questions about how we design and use tech?

Are you interested in the use of open-source technology for affordable, medical hardware innovations? If so, follow Careables and get access to lots of amazing projects!

An initiative of Global Innovation Gathering members.


@bob @neb I need something that works for regular people. I tried deploying *Tox to people, it did not work very well. Signal so far is the only solution that has a sane combination of security and usability, but I'd like something less... moxified. ;)

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