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In the end re:publica 2019 decided not to give me a slot. Well, I'll make it a blogpost then.

Whenever some venture capitalist or Singularity University lobbyist or Silicon Valley tech bro mentions “exponential growth” or “accelerating growth” just look them straight in the eye, say “tumour”, and walk away.

RT @jeremyburge

For years Facebook claimed the adding a phone number for 2FA was only for security. Now it can be searched and there's no way to disable that.


Kurzgesagt decided to delete two of their most controversial videos and redo one of them so that it matches their current standards.

They allow reuploads, as long as theyre not monetized (not FB, YT).

I respect that.

From my blogpost on hackers in popular culture:

Seeing "computeromancy" as an aesthetics makes the true hacking much more tame and hackers' criticism of our capitalist culture - toothless. They're dangerous because they're skilled / criminals / geniuses, not because they see more than us or raise valid points against how we use technology.

A University is inviting me as a speaker to their conference. They don't want to pay my regular rate, so I offer: I can do it for free if you guarantee that students will not pay for access to my talk in the conference.

They reply that they need the money and can allow _some_ of the students to come for free, but the first rows will be ticketed.

I don't know how to feel about it.

@carlchenet I just found your text -

Thank you for that! I was extremely wary of VSCode before, but not knowing you can not even analyze the binary... it's bad.

Beyond the question of not destroying Earth, do you think humans will be able to colonise the solar system in flesh?

Do you think we'll be able to make habitats supporting our bodies and adjust travel vessels to our needs?

Or will we need to bio-engineer our bodies or upload minds before we set foot on other planets?


This is a public service announcement.

If your job uses Slack, please remember that the administrators that have been configured can view any channel and download all files and all information published, including channels that are "private" or between 2 individuals.

Your discussions are not secure and can be snooped upon, even private conversations.

In other words: there is no privacy on Slack. Period.

This is the end of this public service

(Don't ask how I know that)

I've just finished 's and I have to say I don't like it.

The world is absolutely beautiful and I'd love to read more about it, but it's presented in such a bad way. The story is a chore to follow. The real problems of an anarchist society are presented only 90% in. Despite the main character making two very important decisions on the course of a book, it doesn't feel like he had any choice, or there was any real tension. It just kind of happened.

Properly researched comparison of a few password managers: 1Password 7, 1Password 4, Dashlane, KeePass, and LastPass.

This time my activity in

Popełniłem komentarz do artykułu o "internecie za 10 lat", wspominając o możliwości całkowitego poddania się owi albo przejście na alternatywy jak

From Smashing Magazine: "We felt the information in Léonie Watson's Smashing Members' webinar was so important that we decided to make it available to everyone in our community. So here's 1 hour and 12 minutes on how a screen reader user surfs the web"

Feverish rambling -

What if to write we need to write proper financial fiction?

Think about it, so few people writing about different modes of finances and economies. A regular person won't believe in anarcho-anything, it's too distant.

Maybe it's time to take the loan ban from Sharia and imagine a new society where banks would operate differently?

Just watched the Festival documentary on Netflix and I kept thinking:

This is what the western obsession about entrepreneurs leads to.

We're forcing the real inventors, activists and community leaders to describe themselves with the same term as Silicon Valley hustlers and scammers. There are grants and awards for "young entrepreneurs", and it's so much easier to call a hackerspace "an accelerator".

Do we really want to promote hustling and scamming as vital values in our society?

I respect the argument that "any free software project is a toy of its creator". I also understand that this means that is by no means a mature alternative to any social media platform.

If it's to grow, we need a community to get behind it. We need a design team. We need maintainers focused on the code and ones focused on getting new contributors, onboarding them and making sure they stay.

I can gladly pay for that. I don't want to donate to the project in its current state.

I made up my mind: I will no longer attempt to contribute to or promote .

After a few days I cannot get any specific information why one of my features was reverted :

This is the last straw after:
➖ missing dev documentation
➖ paywalled -dev discord channel
➖ unclear requirements
➖ loads of bad communication.

I respect the maintainers for what they have created so far, but I will not waste any more of my time trying to help.

"When you make programming skills the core component of any web role then you've made the web into a programmers playground. This is when you start seeing feature factories, whines of "why can't those users upgrade?", and [derision of soft skills like design].

Picking up a tremendous vibe of "well how else are we supposed to build complex apps?" when *no one is talking about this*. The argument is about raising the baseline of making *anything* for the web so high that it excludes people."

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