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My friends have just launched a game about sustainable technology on Kickstarter -

Check it out!

Writers, Artists, Musicians of this webbed site, let's collaborate!

Please Boost!

I just remembered Ebocloud, a wonderful book I read a few years ago: a / vision of community-oriented transhumanism, a social network created to give people the sense of belonging and create healthy communities.

I can really recommend it.

Idea: in order to be considered a full-fledged vision of the future needs to encompass several subcultures. It needs to allow for conflicts inside, people with very different visions. How could a Solarpunk look like and how would it work with, how would it clash with local de-growth movements? What about globalisation vs localisation of education? Those things will not vanish overnight.

My talk "Solarpunk, Cyberpunk, Popculture: technological narratives tl;dr" will premiere on HOPE2020 this Monday 27th of July 15:00 CEST / 11 EST!

My talk "Solarpunk, cyberpunk and popculture: Technological narratives tl;dr" got accepted to HOPE2020 ( )! I'll give it online between July 25 and August 2 this year!

I'm slowly planning to start a blog focusing on . Telling real stories, especially from the Global South in a way, seeing hope and patterns we can learn in the West in them.

I'm thinking going with a stand-alone blog and a mirror for bigger reach.

Do you have any recommendations, anything I should look into?

CryptPad v3.15.0 has been released and deployed to In addition to improving our server's scalability we've fixed a lot of bugs and added a few cool new features. See the release notes on GitHub:

#privacy #libre

Plot Economics

A very over-intellectualized, but extremely important text on how we're losing plots and during a plague - and how it's a good moment to reinvent them.

Great chance for communities.

A lot of countries are talking about sustainability, sick leave and social infrastructure. We can build on that!

I'm reading articles like and I'm thinking: in Europe the virus might be bad, but in the US it may decimate tens of millions of people. Scar the whole society, a few generation, scar the whole culture, induce a societal PTSD.

Am I right to be terrified of that?

What if took all the cliches and creatively remade them?

with farming tools instead of katanas.

rigging a new antenna for their community.

who knows who in the world works on a similar project.

Finished translating Solarpunk Manifesto to Polish!

I realized we don't really have a word for "sustainable" in Polish, the closest being a "balanced development". It's not "maintainable" either, so we came up with a new word: "trwalny", aligning more with "lasting" than anything else.

What's the most you know?

My pick would be Legacy: Life Among The Ruins ( ) - a post-post apocalypse where you rebuild the society, controlling both a single character and their faction. About few years pass between each session and you're encouraged to play generations of characters, seeing as previous choices influenced today.

In the digital network age, the difference between fascism and freedom will be decided by who owns and controls the means of communication. Is it to be corporations (and by extension, governments) or is it to be us: individuals?

If we lose this one, the 2030s and 2040s won’t be like the 1930s and 1940s; they’ll be like the 1930s and 1940s amplified by the full destructive power of a hundred years of exponential increase in technological capability.

Regarding , I got a reply from ArtStation saying that they won't collaborate for less than $25k. Well, I think that's out of the question, we'd need to work with smaller outlets. I'll try Behance as well.

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