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Our hackerspace's new location was scheduled to open few months ago, but Shanghai lockdown left it abandoned for 3 months straight.

Vines have grown into the space, through gaps in the window.
#solarpunk is a really interesting take on and :

"Focus on solarpunk for too long, you lose sight of who you are for the greater good of the society, and if you focus on lunarpunk for too long, you become isolated and disconnected from others."

Also a few really interesting notes on the dissonance in the current Solarpunk stories as utopias set in the post-Solarpunk (post-revolution) world.


After abolishing single-use, non-recyclable diapers, social media mommy groups are waging wars over the superiority of traditional washable diapers over single-use compostable ones.

I finally published the fist short story from my project: "Someone Like You" written in collaboration with the wonderful Ana Sun.

It should help people understand - why do hackers want to modify existing technology? - in a very human way.

Glider Ink is a project aiming to create a new narrative about s and s. Initially aimed to be a graphic novel, now a series of illustrated short stories.

Finally posted my review of #SolariseCon2022 .

It was a decent opening volley, and I look forward to seeing if there are any ongoing after-effects.

Building on the interest and momentum will be key.

Read my review here:

A couple of friends have recently started a new channel in English with some climate philosophy and just premiered their first video: Kurzgesagt and the art of greenwashing

With the wrapped, we're taking a moment to rest. In the meantime, I'd like to ask you: what topics would you like to see in the future editions?

I'll start with my own ideas, but please feel free to comment with your own ideas:

Thanks to the awesome @milan , all our videos are available at (the last one might be still transcoding, give it a few minutes).

It looks like has exceeded the daily video quota! We'll need to wait a few days to upload the last two videos :) In the meantime, you can use YouTube!

Well, #SolarriseCon2022 is all wrapped up.

There were definitely some interesting parts. Some panels were more entertaining than others, some were more applicable than others, and some were more capitalist than others.

As a fiction-focused Con, it played out pretty well. I'll have to do a bit of a write-up on it a little later this week at .

The main question is how to keep the conversation, and the movement toward a #solarpunk reality, going?

That's something that we'll have to look at more thoroughly.

Our is over and all the recordings are up!

You can see them at for the YouTube - and PeerTube is coming up tomorrow (we had some server problems).

Again I'd like to thank everybody involved, all our moderators and panelists, as well as @milan for all the help with PeerTube!

It looks like our PeerTube crashed, but please dont worry! We'll soon reupload the videos to the appropriate channel. Meantime, you can watch the last panel on YouTube:

SolariseCon Event Schedule 

SolariseCon: Seeding Solarpunk Futures

.-= Streaming Links =-.

Real #Solarpunk Technology

7:00 CDT - 9:00 BRT, - 12:00 UTC - 14:00 CEST



Empowering Future Communities

8:45 CDT - 10:45 BRT - 13:45 UTC - 15:45 CEST



Is Solarpunk Just Another Style?

10:30 CDT - 12:30 BRT - 15:30 UTC - 17:30 CEST



What’s Holding Us Back from a Better Tomorrow?

12:15 CDT - 14:15 CDT - 17:15 UTC - 19:15 CEST



In his essay “Innovation Starvation”, Neal Stephenson defined a “hieroglyph”: a fully thought-out picture of an alternate reality with some innovation, with coherence and internal logic. A symbol, visual language and a narrative trope all at once, like Asimov’s robots or cyberpunk prosthetics. We automatically know what kind of story to expect seeing a neon-filled city on a rainy night - and descriptions of societal inequality in a futuristic setting bring out very specific pictures in our mind.

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, our conference starting in 90 minutes! You can find all the links at

An excerpt from "Is Solarpunk just another style?" introduction:

Our conference, is happening tomorrow 14:00 CEST on YouTube and PeerTube!

Join us for four panels of artists, writers, filmmakers, technologists, activists and educators discussing how to imagine a better - and realistic - tomorrow in face of climate change!

The art below is CC-BY-SA Comando Jugendstil

Krakowskie Biuro Festiwalowe ogłosiło Solarpunkowy Konkurs Fikcji Klimatycznej: !

Do napisania 5 stron realistycznego sci-fi o zmianach klimatu i o tym, że wciąż możemy mieć nadzieję na lepsze jutro. Termin do 24go lipca!

Jeżeli szukacie pomysłów, rzućcie okiem na zahaczki pod :)

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