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Hello! I am coder by profession, who loves to read & write to keep myself inspired. I have been a blogger for more than 15 years, but lost touch with writing when Twitter was at it’s peak. May be I lost love for my words.

Anyway recently IndieWeb got my love for the technology and also writing back. So been working on a lot many Indie projects & writing my heart out at my blog since then. My hope is this place doesn't kill my drive for reading and writing; rather inspires it.

I am not a horror movie fan. I have seen a few over the years but do not enjoy them. With age, my patience with them has further gone down. I do not watch this genre at all anymore. Or so I thought.
I was recently reminded of my dislike as I read this list from the editors at Rotten Tom...

When you know your self-worth you stop giving discounts.

I hate YouTube -- I have wasted so many hours there, like a boiling frog.

I watched The Gray Man today – mindless action is not entertainment to me. I had fun when it was in superhero films. It doesn’t here.

I find it surprising that iTunes remain the only good store to buy digital music even today. There has to be some reason that all the big players have exited the space and have gone the streaming route. Is it the competition? Or the overall logistics of selling digital music?

I watched The Batman today – I am glad that after a few terrible few showings, we have a good setting again. It’s not a perfect movie – it’s too long and too thin. But I loved the way it’s shot, it does “look and sound brilliant”. The first half is particularly gripping. I didn’t like t...

How many times are we going to rehash the thought that social media is making us stupid? It is not. We as a species can't control our cravings for things that are bad for us.

It's not just social media. It is our smartphones. And internet. And everything that's unhealthy. Possibly we are born stupid in that sense.

"We need a way to stand still in shock as long it takes when change and tragedy come in, when our lives are upended" -- So well said by Annie Mueller.

I fixed a broken printer today. Well, that's saying too much, I just got it rid of the problem of jam paper. I don't know how I did it.

And I don't know why I still have to use a printer. All I know is, unfortunately, the world isn't ready to go printer free yet.

It was 10 years ago today that I began a seven-day challenge not to log in to Facebook. I haven’t seen that timeline since then. It was a good, eye-opening challenge in that sense. Nice!

We sometimes write sentences that don’t need to exist. Hidden in a paragraph, we might not notice. Standing on their own, we notice. Delete any sentence not worthy of its own line.

Source: Writing one sentence per line | Derek Sivers →

I finished reading The Psychology of Money: Timeless lessons on wealth, greed, and happiness by Morgan Housel 📚
A short, but brilliant read. Housel writes in an easy-to-follow manner even though the topic he talks about is not. Some might say this belongs to a series of blog posts. But ...

I have been under the weather for the last few days. I rested for the first couple of days and got much-needed sleep at unusual times. But the recovery period gave me a chance to read a few books after a long time. I slept and I read. A nice break I must say.

I have been a PC guy since I was 10 years old. The first version that I used was Windows 95. I stayed the longest with Windows 98. I fell in love with Windows XP even on my PC hardware that didn’t support the OS well then.
However, what I had for this platform wasn’t love. For the small...

I should wrap up the session on this system and get back to reading my book. I'd planned to finish it today. And then the developer in me wanted to re-set up my working setup. Why? 🤷

Nice! I am pretty impressed with the first run of Chrome OS. It's fast. Plus I have my Linux -- this should be an interesting experiment.

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An unpopular opinion, but I need not post everything on my blog. Some fleeting thoughts are better if not considered as part of the words “published”.

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