Hello! I am coder by profession, who loves to read & write to keep myself inspired. I have been a blogger for more than 15 years, but lost touch with writing when Twitter was at it’s peak. May be I lost love for my words.

Anyway recently IndieWeb got my love for the technology and also writing back. So been working on a lot many Indie projects & writing my heart out at my blog since then. My hope is this place doesn't kill my drive for reading and writing; rather inspires it.

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@amit Welcome 🎉

Never heard of IndieWeb, thanks for mentioning it! I do software dev too. Nice to see another programmer stretching the creative side of their brain.

@ninny Yeah, it's always good to see folks with shared interests around 🙂 IndieWeb is a fascinating space, do explore.

@cygnoir Thank you, Halsted! Moved over from another instance. Good to see a few folks I know around here too 👋🏽

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