An unpopular opinion, but I need not post everything on my blog. Some fleeting thoughts are better if not considered as part of the words “published”.

@amit Nonsense! Post it all! :). That's what blogs are for, IMO, and much better than broadcasting it on social media.

@jackbaty hah! Not on blog doesn't mean on social media. It goes in my journal. Or a text pile 🙂

@amit I get that. I'm mostly recruiting because I love when people write lots of personal anecdotes and moods and journals on their personal blogs.

@jackbaty Ah, makes sense. This post was for me to remind myself that I should stop doing just that 😄

@jackbaty @amit I can see both sides to this. Definitely I think some thoughts are either too personal or too fleeting/mundane to go on a blog. On the other hand I think what we traditionally consider a blog in many ways has been challenged by social media. Quotes, thoughts, journals, and just quips about life have found their way into blogs. Whether this is a good thing or not is obviously subjective, but I’ve seen some brilliant short posts that provoked just as much reflection as longer ones.

@pim Yes, absolutely. The concept of microblogging fits very well with the way I think. More so than the titled posts.

But it's not the length, but the nature of posts that I was commenting on. I have written many posts that I could never publish. I needed to give myself time to sit with the thought.

@amit Yes, I need to do more offline journaling—analogue of course—for things that will always be just for myself, and likely never to see the light of digital day.

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