With new lights, this spot that I have walked across so many times looked different. I liked the shades of yellow amidst the shadows. I wish I could capture it better.

Here’s a word cloud of my posts that I created in 2008 – I had been blogging for around 2 years then. I find it funny that even then I was writing the most about “blog”. Apparently, meta-commentary never goes out of fashion.

I stumbled across the first iterations of my blog that I had self-hosted with WordPress. I had left my creativity free allowing me to “design” the logo and favicon and headers and everything. What’s worse, I did it all in Powerpoint. Oh, those were the crazy effortless days. amitgawande.com/2008/08/13/042

My daughter wanted to record a new video for her channel this week. She’d watched her old videos and felt she needed more. She had a few ideas in mind but wanted to tell her friends first what she had been up to. So, that’s what we recorded - a new video is out today. youtube.com/watch?v=MuTmMaoADT

It was relaxing to watch the calm river stream as I sat next to a shack. A cup of steaming hot tea in my hand.

There are places where even a sky crowded with clouds is lot cleaner than what you are used to seeing. Visited one such place. Calm!

I always love the shades that setting sun colors the sky with! 🌄

I have been traveling for the past week – rejuvenating myself amidst the nature. Relaxing on the beach. Had some wonderful rides, surrounded by dense jungles. Most of all, untouched by all the hustle bustle of the modern life. Wonder. Amazement. Serenity.

Flowers and thorns must have a special relationship - often the former attempts to veil the spikes. mbmay amitgawande.com/categories/30d

Experimental picture with nature’s colors at night. I’m not too proud. But an experiment nonetheless. amitgawande.com/categories/30d

A photo of a darkroom photo enlarger. Though very different from what’s on display, it’s fascinating nonetheless. amitgawande.com/categories/30d

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