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I am now OPEN for commissions on poetry & short stories!

Treat yo'self to an exhilarating adventure--where you get to be the star.

A bespoke poem or short story also makes a dazzling gift for your loved ones-- whether romantic, platonic, or somewhere in-between!

Prices start as low as $30, with at least 50% of profits to a racial justice organisation.
(Cheaper than skydiving classes!)

Take a look at my site for more info

hello! i am looking to hire a trans Jewish graphic designer to make a book cover for a funky new siddur! does this sound like it's up anyone's alley? :boost_ok:

short stories by trans authors wanted; trans artists too; *paid* 

"Short stories, 5,000 words or less (this is not a challenge, it really can be less. Longer isn’t always better). You, the author, must identify as trans."

"There’s no thematic requirement. The work need not contain queer and trans characters or content (though by all means, it can)."

"We are paying $150 for each published short story."

"All pieces will have an accompanying illustration; I am planning to use all trans illustrators. If you are a trans illustrator and would like to be considered for this project (and potentially for future projects), email me a link to your portfolio website and a quick, two-sentence artist statement."

"We can pay you $100 for one published feature image."

"Submissions close April 30!"

With a nod to Paul Simon and Art Garfunkle...

Hello darkness my old friend
OW *CENSORED* stubbed my toe again

Hey so guess who was offline and missed the launch of their second piece in Mixed Mag?!

Me. It was me.

Read "Why Guns Come In Pink" here:

Things autism research could be about:

- How does autism radar work?
- Do we have an easier time communucating with other autistics because our ways of communication are similar, or because we've all had to learn to accomodate the people we're talking to?
- What can be done to prevent and treat autistic burnout?
- What even *is* autistic burnout exactly?
- What effects does masking have on your mental health?
- What autistic traits are actually traits of autism, and which ones are trauma responses?
- How is a non-traumatized autistic brain work?
- How can we better accomodate autistic people?

What autism research is about:
- How do we make the autistic people stop existing?

In time honoured literary style, fighting block today by writing about my cat

My website seems to be down! Working on getting it back up, fingers crossed it’ll be soon!

Someone looking for a place/ room in PDX 

I have a friend looking for a place or room in #portland #PDX, for as soon as possible.

She can pay 300 to 600, and would love a garage, basement or attic for storage and some kind of outdoor space.

I've met her a couple of times, she's very polite and I'm sure she'd make a good roommate for someone. Boosts encouraged!

Nothing like a bunch of new followers to get me motivated to write again! :plume: 🔥 💨 💨

pain mention 

Too much pain to write//too much pain not to

#introduction Hello! I'm a 34-year-old mestizx #queer from Borrado territory aka Monterrey, #Mexico, but have been based in the East Midlands in the #UK for over a decade. Writer and performer, into vocal loops. Interdisciplinary, intersectional, international. Living with #ADHD #dyslexia

Interests: #decolonialism #transformativejustice #fatliberation #migration #mixedmedia

Increasingly into #decentralisation against #surveillancecapitalism and looking for #GAFAM alternatives.

Re the italics and screen readers, this is a good point! The problem is, my choice of italics serves a specific function (it’s not purely stylistic) that quotation marks wouldn’t work for, so I may make a screen reader compatible version and have the link to it at the very top of the page. Do you think that would work?

Don't let Christian people tell you that what you are wearing is inappropriate and that you should cover up so that you don't disturb other people... Book of Matthew says otherwise!

Want something to read this morning? Here's a story about 3 humans and 14 rabbits in a car, running away from wildfires!

My partner @arsha wrote a piece about our experiences running from wildfires with a pile of baby bunnies. It also makes me tear up, and I was there.


I'm thrilled they've included Life in Toxicity; my painfully honest, true account of how three humans and fourteen rabbits escaped one of this summer's climate disasters.

I'm also over the moon to announce that it will be the first in my new monthly series with them, Interesting Times; a selection of my real stories from the new abnormal. Watch this space each month for the newest instalment!

Read it here:

Riding the high of life this morning!

Woke up to @sevenofnine holding a tray of fancy coffee, and then saw poem feedback from 3 different wonderful Mastodon folx! I'm a bit overwhelmed with emotion in a good way 😭 💕

Many thankyou to @wordsmith @harald and @acererak! I will respond to you all when I've calmed down a bit, but you are great and I have read what you said and I appreciate the time you took to read it and give your thoughts <3

feedback request, can tip/ critique back 

Anyone up for giving some poetry feedback? I'd love a few more pairs of eyes on this piece!

In exchange, I can read & critique something of yours, tip you, boost your work, or thank you forever <3


what if we

went fishing in the stars?

you said. Let’s spin a net from tender strands
of cobweb-dew and mountain grass;
drop it in the deepest blue and let it trail bright eddies
in the wake of our voyage.

Full poem:

My creative nonfiction series, Interesting Times, will be a series of diary extracts about the bizarre (and often surreal) new world we've found ourselves living in. Watch this space for more info!

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