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Riding the high of life this morning!

Woke up to @sevenofnine holding a tray of fancy coffee, and then saw poem feedback from 3 different wonderful Mastodon folx! I'm a bit overwhelmed with emotion in a good way 😭 💕

Many thankyou to @wordsmith @harald and @acererak! I will respond to you all when I've calmed down a bit, but you are great and I have read what you said and I appreciate the time you took to read it and give your thoughts <3

feedback request, can tip/ critique back 

Anyone up for giving some poetry feedback? I'd love a few more pairs of eyes on this piece!

In exchange, I can read & critique something of yours, tip you, boost your work, or thank you forever <3


what if we

went fishing in the stars?

you said. Let’s spin a net from tender strands
of cobweb-dew and mountain grass;
drop it in the deepest blue and let it trail bright eddies
in the wake of our voyage.

Full poem:

My creative nonfiction series, Interesting Times, will be a series of diary extracts about the bizarre (and often surreal) new world we've found ourselves living in. Watch this space for more info!

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Guess who's Mixed Mag's newest monthly contributor?

Hint: IT'S ME!

Poetry describing death, grief, and violence against Trans people. 

My poem, On Trans Remembrance, has been published in Ghost Heart Literary Journal! It's one that's very close to my heart in the lead up to Trans Day of Remembrance.

(Also it's a total impostor syndrome buster--everyone else has tons and tons of publishes and degrees and PhDs and shit, and I'm just there right at the top with my little story <3)

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(also: I'm right at the top!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111)

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Took a little Internet break over the last week or so. In the meantime, Analogies & Allegories Literary Magazine published my story, The King's Discourtesy, in which a king's love of power and privilege brings him the fate he deserves.

This magazine's a truly gorgeous collection of stories, poetry, and art that tell the side of the fairytale you didn't get to hear. Read it here:

:plural_heart:​ poetry 

We speak aloud with our only tongue;
many voices plied in ever-growing
interwoven ribbon-threads--
each colour its own story
in the grand display. Within it
all are whole; each colour sings
nothing but harmonies.

Finally got my flash creative nonfiction piece, Passing Buses, up on my site! Originally published in Ayaskala Magazine in July.

Me in 2016: “I need to learn how to have healthy boundaries”
Me in 2017: “I need to learn how to have healthy boundaries”
Me in 2018: “I need to learn how to have healthy boundaries”
Me in 2019: “I need to learn how to have healthy boundaries”
Me in 2020: “I need to learn how to have healthy boundaries”
Me in 2021: “I need to learn how to have healthy boundaries”

mini rant 

When a magazine charges $9.99 to submit, AND charges its readers to read, AND doesn't pay anything for work, you know it's a waste of time

Birdsite mention 

I really with Fediverse could see Sparknotes' tweets

Request for feedback, Trans Day of Remembrance 

I wrote a poem about Trans Day of Remembrance--I'd love if anyone were able to give it a read and let me know about any thoughts or feedback!

Analogies & Allegories Magazine are publishing my flash fiction piece, "The King's Discourtesy"! I am so excited 🎉

shopping around the Phoenix Scout handbook. the cover will be a trans flag with an eagle on fire

chapters include:

7. Shibari: Knot Again
12. Polyamory Etiquette & Distributed Systems Analysis
13. Maintaining Queer Communities (A Separate Chapter From 12 On Purpose)
18. Care and Feeding of Your 'Sona(s)
23. Camping In Desert Conditions, What, Did You Think You're Exempt From Going Outside Just Because You're Gay Now, Surprise

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