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Hey there. Here I'll post snippets/fragments/bits of a novel of mine that I am slowly creating, starring Bahtami Quele, a cottontail from the rainforest jungle, as the main protagonist on a quest to save her tribe from extinction.

Aaaaaaaaaaa! 40K hit. I need three more days like this and I'll make it in time!

when is laundry not laundry? 

when it's launwet

Slowwwwwly making my way back up. Maybe I can still make it after being sick.

Gah. I wrote almost nothing today. I instead ended up studying a *ton* of posts, websites, papers, books, in order to answer a question that suddenly appeared to me during my writing:

How does gender and sex work in the universe I'm creating? How I'd like it to work? How do I make it plausible for the readers? How do I research this topic?

Goodness, it's a true rabbit hole. And I'm dug in deep. (Sorry for the pun.)

25000 words hit, halfway done! Now let me work on getting back towards that straight gray line...

Want to make your #writing suck less? You need a plan.

I can help you. Well, my book can.

Build a personalized, actionable plan to be come the best, most unique writer you can be. After 45 books in 30 years, it's time for me to offer a hand up.

2480 words today, 22778 total. I'm satisfied.

The curse that's been stressing me seems broken. For now. I'll try to use it to my advantage.


20k hit, but I have no idea if I can go forwards right now. Still no news from my friend. I'm worried sick. I have no idea how to write anything at all. My mind doesn't cooperate at all.

Ugh. Hard to write anything when you're worrying about a friend who landed in ER the day before and you have no news about what is going on with them.

I finally found the graph zone on the NaNoWriMo website.

It's clear when I had a busy weekend.

Writing funeral scenes is always an experience.

Can you guess the OST that I am writing it to? Minor spoiler in tags.

10k passed today. I'm behind schedule, but I am not giving up.

The only reason I have backed @mwlucas' kickstarter is because his book is about me!

not entirely serious but not entirely non-serious either 

@bahtami Ha!😅 It wasn't, but I definitely encourage you to pursue publishing if that's something you want to do!

fictional mh- 

@bahtami that's genuinely so impressive as that's ... so many conditions that make writing difficult. Congrats!

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