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Dear internet, please stop making videos to tell me things that could be adequately explained in one paragraph of text.

Writing tip: Unless it's a submarine adventure, never use Gibraltar as a setting.

Any participants that would like advice / encouragement, feel free to reach out. I've done three, and they were instrumental to getting my novels jumpstarted.

Unsolicited advice: Set your Scrivener target for 60,000 words and your deadline for November 29th. You'll thank me later. (You are using , right?)

@matt What about a digital library (file server) for manuscripts, writing books, etc.?

So far: Mastodon experiment a success. To the lovely, while workload permits: Would love to critique your fiction if you want a test reader. My way of giving back to the Local Instance. :)

She had nodded off at her desk when the shadow in her study moved. Trick of the light? Flicker of sleep? It moved again, then solidified from the absence of light into corporal form.
She screamed, shrunk back, and grasped for a weapon, any weapon. Only her favourite pen came to hand. The shadow stopped.
"We discussed this," he croaked, still now, a wary eye on the pen.
"I know," she whispered. "I'm sorry."
She put pen to paper, and her protagonist slipped back to shadow.

They are vicious and horrible, thankless, even murderous children with an almost vampiric thirst for more than I can give, and then: more still. Their demands are unending, and must be attended to the exclusion of all else. My own wants, desires, needs, melt to irrelevancy. But, to deny them is to sentence them to a horrible, lingering, death. Lost forever to time. I cannot. They are my characters, and this the price a goddess of creation must pay. This is what it is to be an author.

@luka Just started listening to your stuff on Wow.

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I'm beginning to wonder it puts you _more_ at risk to use SMS 2FA than to not have a second factor at all. #security h/t @zyx

"A few months ago he walked into his own propeller right out there," I made a weak effort to point outside.
The skinny pilot's expression changed then, and for nearly half a minute he seemed far off. When he came back he looked sympathetic, maybe even emitted a soft sigh, I couldn't be sure.
"I can't very well let you go," he said.
"Why not?"
"You've seen me. You've seen this place. You've seen--"
"I've seen your drugs and money," I said, when he wouldn't finish his sentence.

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#Mozilla begrudgingly implements tracking protection by default, after being shamed into it yet again by Safari, the DuckDuckGo browser, and Gnome Web (just the ones I know who implemented it first) and talks a good talk while still having Google as its default search engine and continuing to get hundreds of millions from Google/Alphabet, Inc. – the largest surveillance capitalist in the world. (Mozilla Corp is ~entirely funded by surveillance capitalism.)


Ooo! Two factor Mastodon authentication with Yubikey!

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It is a sobering thought, for example, that when Mozart was my age, he had been dead for two years. -- Tom Lehrer

Hello, I'm "Asi" a female, full-time writer of literary fiction, sometime writing mentor, test reader, mountain dweller, Scrivener fan, Writing.Exchange instance resident, and Mastodon novice. My 5th novel is in the works. I'm in the "book to film" process for my 2nd (in theatres 2019, maybe) I use an alias on Mastodon to get back to basics (and get feedback unsullied by fandom). Happy to swap test readings with writers of or .

@matt Hello! Just joined and noticed that your outgoing mailservers are on a blocklist. I had to go into my server and whitelist, but for people who don't manage their own that's going to be difficult. Here's the log entry: NOQUEUE: reject: RCPT from[]: 554 5.7.1 Service unavailable; Client host [] blocked using; Blocked - see;

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