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hi everyone! i'm lily and i'm a light novelist, (aspiring) game dev, and tarot card reader! i enjoy anime and video games along with jpop and kpop! i have too many ocs but can't stop creating them! i'm pretty shy but i would like to make friends!

check out my work below if you're curious!

🌼 LNs:

+ finished a 54K+ novel for pitch wars (and submitted it!)
+ started streaming *AND* made it to affiliate!! (
+ just a lot of life updates in general
+ had to take a break from writing for a bit
+ i even started a discord server for my twitch!!

i hope you guys have been doing okay and are still safe from everything and I'll keep trying to be more active here again!

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HEY i know i haven't been active all in the last month or so but i gotta say i have some updates for you!

thank god past me wrote these notes and a chapter outline otherwise i'd be seriously FUCKED 😂

last night, something was calling me to really check out this other manuscript that i finished an outline for and i'm glad i did because i definitely think i have something here!

recently, i've been getting comments about my story and it's really nice to get them 😭😭😭😭 it's giving me a much-deserved boost to keep writing!

posted something on my blog about the pit mad event that happened on sept 3. much to think about and consider for the next time!

a reminder that if you want to read chapters days early, my patreon is! i'm doing this full time now so every $1 will absolutely help!

if i were gonna make an indie platformer about ADHD instead of depression

- three different soundtracks playing simultaneously
- random words deleted from all text and dialogue
- while you are trying to do things suddenly a split screen view either of traumatic memories or random trivia from shitty movies appears
- when you complete a mission someone appears to yell at you about how you didnt do it right

finishing up my patreon chapter and it should be posted soon! and then i think i should probably work on my writer's blog

hey hey i'm still here! i wanted to let you know that I'm taking another break this week (because my birthday is on august 27~!) but!!! i had joined a small contest and got tied with a few others for third place! the theme was isekai post-apocolyptic so as you can tell, i'm not terribly comfortable lakijsdfdaf but tell me what you think!

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