recently, i've been getting comments about my story and it's really nice to get them 😭😭😭😭 it's giving me a much-deserved boost to keep writing!

actually using this program for my ongoing story and so far so good! it makes things a bit less complicated for me but now i gotta fiddle with the character arc for the MC (because i don't care about the other characters' arcs since the story is just focused on her)

i wrote so much for this fic i don't think i've had this much fun in a long time.

i really really like the layout of this so far. i mean yeah there's a lot of limitations (since it is a trial, after all, i don't expect everything) but i even fiddled with the "export to PDF" and I REALLY LIKE IT THAT WAY but i wish i could change the design/format). i have a template i use for my characters and honestly it's a bit daunting doing it long-hand especially since there are spoilers in the characters' stories and shit

okay finally posted on patreon for the week! here's a preview for another profile you can if you become a patreon subscriber! ➡️

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