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Hey everyone. My name is Rory Price and I'm a science-fiction writer. I recently self-published my first novel, Opt Out. It follows a group of free software activist who get very worried about a new form of invasive proprietary technology known as smart implants.

Other than that, I'm a dedicated free software user and take privacy very seriously. I'm very interested in storytelling in general.

Check out my website at

Thinking about TERFism's long historical roots in classism. This is from an account of the women's movements in the 1850s US.

I'm not saying you have to be best friends with people you don't personally like just because they're BIPOC.

But you need to say, "hey, this is racist" when there is shenanigans going on.

If you say you're willing to be obnoxious about racism, and then don't defend BIPOC who you may not personally like against racism.....

you're not willing to be obnoxious about racism.

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I was today years old when I learned that the two Chinese characters that make up the word "penguin" individually translate to "business goose"

finally,,, i posted this week's patreon.....i forgot to mention that my boyfriend got me a mechanical keyboard that looks and sounds like a typewriter for my birthday (its august 27)! it won't be here until Monday but it's exciting! :3

free speach is when people aren't allowed to disagree with me, and the more they aren't allowed to disagree with me, the freer it is

Big Company Sues Big Company Because Big Company Wants A Piece Of The Big Money Being Made By Big Company But Big Company Says No, Money Is Mine.

Neither have any ethical work practices but nonetheless everyone will scramble with takes about which side is Right in this Conflict.

because i am feeling a certain way about this person's admission and i'm trying to sort through it without making a mess of things.... it doesn't help that people in this server are praising them for doing something like that

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so hey is it unethical or jealousy/envy that someone decided to run their light novel through google translate and post it on a Japanese site to get ahead of the game? especially if they get high praise for their stuff?

I made another larger, more polished piece for #smaugust this time I focused on Morsus. He has never really gotten a ton of art, so its nice to mess with his design a little.

#dragon #illustration #mastoart #inks #digital #OriginalCharacter

it is getting to a point where i depend on working on something or i'm gonna... it's not gonna end well. is this why people become workaholics. oof

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miraculously, i've been keeping up with updates on my story but oof it has been a STRUGGLE

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Hey y’all, other disasters are still going to happen, so make sure you have a hurricane kit, if you life in an area where those might happen

i'm still alive i promise! just dealing with a lot of ... things. i swear, if it's not one thing it's another.

hey if you're curious i posted a review of mexican gothic! be wary of spoilers though!! read if you've already read it or don't care

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