Hi all! For , I'm currently a freelance writer and editor (and recovering cybersecurity writer) with a love of writing sci-fi and fantasy in my free time. I'm working through hopefully my last major revision for my first novel, while also doing some micro and flash fiction on the side which I'm trying to get in the habit of posting on Medium instead of just letting it molder unseen.

This is also my first time using Mastodon, so exciting times all round.

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@bendedbrains Welcome to the fediverse.

Free time writer here as well, in roughly the same genres. 🙂

@paulkater Thank you! It's good to be here; the fediverse definitely feels like a "warmer" social media experience. welcome on the fediverse! I am Jeroen from the Netherlands :-)


Just got into Mastodon yesterday, me. Welcome aboard!

"I'm trying to get in the habit of posting on Medium instead of just letting it molder unseen."

Made a similar resolution after one too many people asked me if I was writing another book on social media... 😅

Think it's PTSD from "Smashing the Stack for Fun and Profit" and syntactic abuse.

That bastard C still hasn't been put away... 😢 It... It /bin/touched me... My timestamp's never been the same.

@pluggo haha oh boy, I can imagine. I’ve never touched C myself, but I’ve only ever heard horror stories from people learning/using it. Although something about the challenge of learning it properly does seem kind of scarily appealing …

@bendedbrains the simplicity of it, too, makes it easy to hold the state of the machine in your head

I'd almost liken it to manual vs auto trans in a car. It's a "mid-level" language, perhaps the only one of note besides #rust, maybe

@pluggo Ah ok, I really appreciate the comparison to manual vs auto. That does make it sound pretty tempting to try a crack at ...

@bendedbrains Another analogy that captures it well for me is it it's like a platform agnostic assembler with syntactic sugar.

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