Haunted by this photo of Patricia Highsmith looking gorgeous as a young woman – that's the kind of picture that makes me want to go and read books

"Do you need it, hey —
I need it too
Well alright, you know you need it
It's good for you
We don't move"
— Too Long, Daft Punk

I never even go dancing and the coda to that song always moves me to tears. It's about intimacy and communion, and its musical crescendo is nothing short of sexual to my ears. Daft Punk came at a time in pop and dance music when you could still pull the robot/alien gig and express intense emotionality through coldness and slickness.

Hello everyone.

Name's Giorgio and I'm a writer and teacher based in Berlin. I write about provinces and big cities, videogames, Modernism and style.

I'm currently working on some surrealist fiction inspired by a certain game that should go unnamed, using write.as as a platform. Will post the whole thing here.

Here's some of my (non-fiction) work:

(I would like to be the Eve Babitz of the gaming era. Is that too much to ask?)

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