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Once a week I would like something to make me feel the way a broken and recovering Rhodey feels about “Tony Stank”.

I read a bunch of spoiler-filled reviews and my concerns about are the same as the ones I had before. (Also, the very thing I’m concerned about makes the film *not* daring.)

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@matt I noticed the json export includes a “views” line for each post. If you import a WF json export into, do those imported posts include those view counts?

Friction, context, blogging, MetaFilter, microblogging, social media, the open web, and… cows?

I had some brief thoughts on Natasha Stovall's beautiful, difficult, and leisurely stroll through whiteness that came out on Longreads earlier this week.

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Have been a little quiet lately, but we're working hard on some exciting new projects. Here's one you'll see soon.

⚠️ They are coming for Section 230, and doing so expressly to protect the online expression of white nationalist beliefs.

I’ve talked about this before, but here’s how switching to Kindle completely changed the way I read.

Waiting at this point for this one particular poster to just start outright calling for people’s extermination.

The problem with allowing anonymous posts on @write_as is that they’ve got someone who’s this week twice now used “autistic” as a slur, *and* these posts appear in the public “reader” feed. @matt

This lengthy profile in The California Sunday Magazine of India’s so-called “Green Gang” of female vigilantes is legit remarkable and I just hope that for the inevitable movie they don’t cast Scarlet Johansson.

tl;dr: My fellow autistic people need to stop it already with the myth of Autistic Morality.

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