So Microsoft Teams, the app, used to have this issue where arrowing through the message list with a screen reader would interupt the message it's currently reading with the word "Menu", effectively making reading messages impossible. You used to be able to get around this by just using the web version of Teams, but you guessed it, it now too does this. I just wanna cry.

@talon Hmm. That's not a bug I've been having with the desktop app.
I'd advise you to read the messages with browse mode instead, but if your computer behaves anything like mine, you'll lose focus constantly. Seriously, that damn thing just can't stay where you left it for even a second.

@talon I guess you could keep the Speech viewer open and move to it after reading each message? Quite a pain, though.
You could try setting the word "menu" not to read in the dictionary, but I'm not 100 % sure that the silence wouldn't still interrupt things.

@Mayana it will indeed interrupt it because the focus moves. It's dumb. Think instead of the speech viewer I'll just use the thing on my phone instead.

@talon It never occured to me to install MS Teams on my phone, hah. I hope that works out better.

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