So #Mastodon published an official #App for a totally gated operating system (#iOS) which totally ignore accessibility while the projects still fails to moderate its mastodon instance, which is the biggest in the network and distributes hate content. Well done, not!

@gcrkrause no Android release yet either, which is really bizarre. I read somewhere that he got tons of funding to make this? If so, where did the funding come from? Patreon?

@blindscribe One could argue there are quite some Android Apps already, but open source development for iOS is much harder to do. But ignoring moderation and accessibility (its what I read from your comments, I cant test it) totally missed what is really important.


@gcrkrause as far as accessibility goes, there are tons of contrast issues and overall issues with the app. If someone were to use the official app, and not really know that the federal verse is a connected network, this app would be very misleading

@blindscribe Seems like they just go towards a more commercial with Mastodon. Sad they leave all the important topics behind :(

@blindscribe @gcrkrause filing a GitHub issue would be super helpful in fixing those visual bugs, thanks! 🙂

@samhenrigold as @blindscribe already wrote, its simply frustrating to open those issues on a project which does not care for accessibility in the first place.

@gcrkrause @blindscribe so...file an issue and your problems with it will get addressed? otherwise they won't

@samhenrigold @blindscribe jeah, you obviously don't get the point. Its not about just some issues, it's about discrimination.

@samhenrigold @gcrkrause The point here is that I’ll be doing a lot more labor than the developers care to even acknowledge. So I would be doing tons and tons of labor for the insecurity of not even knowing if they will be addressed or not regarding accessibility and my spoons are limited as is.

There has been no statement, or commitment, which makes me think that even after I put in all of the work, nothing will happen. If they took concrete steps to move forward without poking, then I would file an issue @samhenrigold @gcrkrause

@blindscribe @samhenrigold this. And the fact this is not just something someone dislikes about the app, its in fact excluding people from using it just because the way they are born or medical issues. And the fact nobody even tried to make sure this works out actually says a lot about the mindset, and as far as I heard its similar with the web ui.

@gcrkrause @samhenrigold this is why the majority of us use pinafore rather than the original web UI. It started off wanting to be designed so that it was inclusivly design, so disabled people use it more. and contribute to it more Like I said, the team developing the native Mastodon iOS app knew about accessibility. They are not new to accessibility

@gcrkrause @samhenrigold yes. Just now saw this, you’re not getting it for some reason. It’s not just about the visual design of the app. It’s about discrimination by elimination. If the developers don’t acknowledge accessibility, they don’t have to listen when I actually file an issue. This is not a small app, this is an app that has been in development for months, the developers know about accessibility. It’s not about ignorance.

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