Since OnlyFans will stop accepting sex workers videos in October, I would like to remind you that Comradery has committed to supporting sex workers. It is a cooperatively owned subscription platform


Thanks for pointing this out!

It also made me take another look at your article, where you explain the many problems with #patreon and your good experiences with #comradery . Its a really good read!


@El_joa Thanks! They were supposed to launch my page, well, this week, but there was a bunch of security updates that took place. I am in their Discord room, server thingy, and they are trying to get ahead of anti sex work practices, trends, and laws. While I'm personally not interested, at all, they have smart people on top of this! I do support sex workers though. Just not interested in porn, personally.

@blindscribe wait, what the fuck are only fans gonna do after banning essentially their entire user base

@00dani @blindscribe gotta clean up the sex stuff to be attractive to investors and advertisers doncha know

@00dani @blindscribe I had the same reaction .. I really don't understand how they will determine who's a sex worker and who's not

@oursse @00dani I expect they will also go down this same route that Patreon took, by trying to milk the transaction fees next. I detailed that here, but has explicitly said, repeatedly, they fully support sex workers

@oursse That is easy: Some cishet old white man will decide it, period. @00dani @blindscribe

@blindscribe doesn't Stripe ban sexual content? are you using a different payment processor for sex workers?

@kris I think they use Stripe. I am new to the cooperative, so you should ask them, not me

@blindscribe @nev this looks great. signup led to a server error maybe due to load, looking into how to support them directly as well rn

@June @nev The best way to support them is to donate on their official project page. But I will share that issue in the Discord. But you would donate here

@blindscribe Not too internationally viable though, unfortunately. Four? asian countries (HK, Malaysia, Singapore, India), one south american (Mexico) and no african countries at all, as far as I can tell.


Yes, but I would like to point out that they are NOT vc-funded, so I guess they just cant be everywhere from the beginning.

( i would guess that if you have a few creators wanting to work with them in one specific country, you could get in touch with them and they might prioritize that )



Country matters with digital product? 

@pettter @blindscribe

Another thought, and I know this mightbe wrong, but if so I'm happy to learn why:

If you create digital content, and collect money from everywhere around the globe (via digital payment means) , does your country of recidency really matter that much? ( I could imagine yes, as payment providers insist on knowing / you proofing it, in order to process your payouts....?)

#comradery #payments #global

Country matters with digital product? 

It really does, unless you're doing straight up illegal stuff, which it's hard to get payment services for.

@El_joa @pettter yes, they are not VC find it, nor will they ever be, so they rely entirely on you and people like you to keep them afloat

@blindscribe Firstly: what the hell OnlyFans? Secondly: has Comradery been launched officially?

@mysteriarch yes. In a alpha stage. You can support them through there project page, or you can support me through mine. Which one would you like?

@blindscribe how do they work around the credit processor problem? :blobthinking:

@polychrome I would need to ask them again, but right now, they are rolling out in an staged process to make sure that we don’t grow to quickly. For example, right now, they would rather us creators don’t create exclusive content yet, but I would prefer you ask them these kinds of questions, not me

@polychrome They're using Stripe apparently, so they're going to run into problems. At least for Germany, adult content is on their list of restricted businesses:


@galaxis @polychrome What other payment processors would you suggest? You should write to them with suggestions and links, but what payment processors would you suggest to replace Stripe?

@blindscribe I don't have any alternatives, it's just kind of obvious that comradery is not in a position to offer substantial help with their current setup, so pointing to them is not of much use to anyone who faces the Onlyfans problem.


@galaxis @polychrome Yeah, good point, but they've made a very, very, firm commitment to supporting sex work and sex workers. Still, if you come across any other alternatives for payment processors, let them know, because that's the best way we can move the needle.

@blindscribe I don't understand whats the difference compared to donation platforms like

@w96k on Liberapay, you can’t post audio or video to your page, also, Liberapay is not a cooperative. On Comradery, you can post text posts, audio, or video directly to your page, making it really easy to create exclusive content

@blindscribe Comradery's terms of service say

"6. Your Contributions are not obscene, lewd, lascivious, filthy, violent, harassing, libelous, slanderous, or otherwise objectionable (as determined by us)."

So I'm not sure they're a 1 to 1 Onlyfans replacement

@Xantulon that doesn’t make any sense, because, in the discord, they are always talking about how we can circumvent anti sex work laws and things like that. I would strongly encourage you to write to them about this issue, not me, because I am not a sex worker

@blindscribe I've never heard of Comradery before, and I've never had an Onlyfans account. I do read terms of service, just pointing out what users of Comradery are agreeing to

@blindscribe "coming soon" and it won't load because I have scripts blocked. I'm not a sex worker, and I'm not looking for a place to get porn. I'm pointing out an inconsistency in apparent "marketing" and legally binding terms of service for Comradery

@Xantulon I pointed that out in the Discord and to their email. Thank you for sharing

@Xantulon here is a reply from the Discord. it is 100% boilerplate language since we haven't written our actual tos

@blindscribe then the boilerplate language is what's legally binding. I really don't care. Scan the terms of service. That's what counts. Why does nobody do that? You don't even have to read all if it. Hit <ctl-f> and put in "collect" as a search term to see what information they collect. Put "data" in to see what they can do with your data. What counts is what's in the legal documents, the terms of service and the privacy statement. Not maketing, and not what they say in social media

@blindscribe Are you part of the team on this? It looks like they're using stripe as their payment processor, which has been very aggressively anti-sex work. What is their plan to move forward on that front?

Like, Stripe will shut down sex toy retailers if it catches wind of their work on the Stripe platform.

@sashakovich No, I'm not a part of their core team, so you should contact them directly, not me. My focus is on accessibility. It would be best to write to them directly and suggest some alternative payment processors.

"Sex workers" deserve the wrath of The Lord
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