Before you put a dozen emojies between words, imagine how hearing the below text could become tiring, even exhausting, and a cognitive drain on screen reader users.

You Clapping hands are Clapping hands causing Clapping hands me Clapping hands to Clapping hands become Clapping hands tired.

@blindscribe I empathise with this so hard.

It's also a huge drain on some people with reading-based disabilities, too! I can't connect words to make understandable sentences when there are so many damned emojis between them.

@whatanerd this is another reason why intersectionality is so important as well.

@blindscribe Also, why are people doing that thing with putting a clapping hands emoji in front of every word? If you talk to someone in real life while clapping on every word, you come off as extremely rude.

@blindscribe I'm sighted and I find this particular one annoying too. I tend to put Emojis at the end of the sentence or phrase. Is this what you need, to have them at the end? 🤔

@gunchleoc Yup, that is much better.! But in general you'll be fine as long as you don't needlessly use too many of them.

@gunchleoc at the end would be better. Another thing that I wish more wood do is put commas and periods after emojies to have NVDA pause before reading the next emoji

@blindscribe Or even better, to improve NVDA so it won't need the hint. There's already an open issue for this, but they have 2.5 thousand open issues 😱 . Link to the issue:

@gunchleoc it would actually be really cool if more sighted developers helped with the development of NVDA

@blindscribe Definitely. I am too busy with translation work to help though - my language only has 2 volunteer translators 😓

@blindscribe You copycat, you! :ms_stick_out_tongue:
I suppose this does deserve to be said multiple times though.

@blindscribe Sometimes I feel like text I write needs an alt-text for this reason

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