Web developers, if you intentionally hide your RSS feed, you are ensuring you go on my blocklist forever. Trying to hide your RSS feed when it clearly still works, does not make me want to sign up for your newsletter. It actually makes me never want to support you

@blindscribe I'll never understand this phenomenon. Why go out of your way to hide, cripple or disable a feature that people want to use and costs (generally) nothing to provide? Is it a mistaken attempt to prevent plagiarism, like disabling right click/copy paste?

@petrichor i do not know But the weird thing is that they go out of their way to hide it from the source, but eventually, I will find it by typing in the address bar. I think it’s more trying to get people to sign up for their mailing list, so they can track clicks and views

@petrichor The troubling thing is that I see it more and more, and it is frightening

@blindscribe Not quite at blocklist level for me, but really winds me up. And there are podcasts that do this. Podcasts!

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