Anyone know of a Google calendar alternative that will email me reminders, and have keyboard support? Where everything is operable with the keyboard

@blindscribe Fastmail can email and seems to accept an arbitrary number of weeks prior, and here is a list of keyboard shortcuts (does not look like those shortcuts cover everything perfectly tho):


Let me check if the one in nextcloud can. If it can't, I will complain that it should be made more accessable to less sighted users.

Well, no, it needs a mouse. I will file a bug, practically none of it can be used with the keyboard. (I rarely use calendar applications, so I didn't know before, but that's definately a huge issue.)

@Truck nextcloud also has a ton of unlabeled edit fields, unlabeled buttons, and empty links. I tried their demo, and I could not even use that for 24 hours there were so many unlabeled edit fields, and unlabeled controls

@blindscribe Yes, it obviously needs someone to pay attention to 'accessabilty.'

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