@humanetech that thread was really interesting to read, there is a lot of Business apologists in there which makes me roll my eyes

yes, the audience really varies. HN, which originated as a social linksharing site mostly for Silicon Valley types, has grown a lot. And with that a real critical base is gradually becoming more dominant. And by upvoting one can amplify that further. I really enjoy HN as one of few social channels I use besides fediverse.


PS. There's another huge discussion as Facebook has followed-up with a Cease & Desist letter.


@humanetech I find it funny that one person in there was all, wait a minute, you can sideload extensions? LOL I’m a script kitty and knew that. I’m eager to use this extention so will try to get it working later

@blindscribe@writing.exchange this is both amazing and disgusting
Amazing is of course the part where it's actually helping a positive social media usage
Disgusting is the part where Facebook just forbids it and going to court would be too risky as a single private person without much money

@sugarbell I know right? I wish that I would’ve known about this sooner so I could have used this tool

@blindscribe@writing.exchange yeah, it would be good to know that an option like that exists for the case I "have to" use social media like that. It's really scary how these tech giants can do whatever they want just because of the platform effect

@juh @blindscribe if I had this I would not have deleted my Facebook accounts. I lost contact with a few people, but my life is better without it.

@blindscribe Getting banned from Facebook is a badge of honor.
After 24 hrs of manoually unfollowing everything my FB feed has real problem reloading.
It seems to be working...
@blindscribe long time ago I tried to manually unfollow many people and pages on my fake FB account. My aim was to make news feed more close to my interests. And then suddenly I realized that there's not too much to read and respond to... That experience saved me from both making the real account and spending the time with the first one.
Time is precious and better have it for other things 🙂

Hello #facebook, School of Chicago speaking. Congratulations for squashing this little wannabe Keynes who thought they could put the brakes on your eternal growth.

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