My main instance crashed while trying to update, so I am back on this instance for now. I've lost all my followers so boosts welcome! I'm a Blind and gay writer that writes YA and romance, but reads a bit of all fiction. I blog about traditional publishing and Disability representation in books.

@blindscribe The instance is back up and updated, if you want to use it again! It's now on 1.0.5+3.5.2, and I'll get it to 1.0.6+3.5.2 after taking a breather from that nightmarish episode lol.

@ljwrites I can't move my followers back until after 30 days, which should be more than enough time to, well, get prepped for this next update! But good idea, not being able to export or move my followers really put me into a scare! LOL! I'll switch back when this move grace period lets me move again for sure.

@blindscribe @ljwrites hmm. Maybe not move and redirect, but keep one as the backup?

@maloki @ljwrites Oh yeah! How can I make followers follow both accounts? This one is gonna be the backup one, for sure, but is there a way to have the same initial followers on both accounts?

@blindscribe not anymore I think the migration does some weird stuff.
But sometimes just telling people you have a backup is plenty good.

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